Kersaint Cobb's wife needs a body guard (and he needs English lessons)


Personal Security

I received the following reply to a when I responded to a posting on The poster was seeking personal protection services. Three clues that it is a scam: 1) A high profile business exec would not reveal his identity, provide cash, and offer access to his wife to someone he has never met other than through the internet. 2) $500 USD a week in Palm Springs, California - that's what an unarmed mall security officer earns. Would you place your wife's well being in the hands of a personal protection specialist who works for the same amount as a mall security officer?!!! 3) He is going to send me a big check, and I will send him the excess after deducting my whopping $500 paycheck. The check will be cut from a bank that doesn't exist and I will need to cover the amount that I would have sent to his "travel agent."

Classic scam / new twist!
This is the letter:

How are you doing today, first i want you thank you for your response and i am glad to tell you that i 'am okay with your resume as regards the security job. I have contacted my wife concerning the job and for other purpose which she might need you for, which she told me is okay by her, i believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself a reliable and good
person. She will get to the state as soon as i have everything set for her. I will prefer you have your car available and if not it's still okay by me, I am offering you $500 for her first week. So i will like to make a one week deposition before my arrival so that i will be assured that i had secured your services. Also i want you to know that my client who is in US will be sending you a check for the payment with an excess fee on it which i want you to know that the remaining funds will be used by my wife for her travel expenses,accommodations and any other expenses, So you will be sending the rest of the money to the travel agent that will get the accommodation and other expenses ready for my wife. So get back to me with the following details of yours ,

1.Your full name
2. Address,
4.State code
6.your phone number.

So i want you to email me the information i requested for as soon as possible so that i can get the payment sent out to you then you can get it cashed and deduct the money that accrues to you for the Security and have the rest sent out the the Agent so that we can get everything started immediately. I hope i can trust you with the rest of the funds to be sent to the Agent. Hope to read back from you soon.

Thanks and please get back to me asap

Kersaint Cobb


found one

there is one in the austin craigslist too just got the email


I got a similar message here's the emails..

Thanks for your response and i am glad to read from you as regards the driving job.I've had good preparation concerning my pick up and for other purposes which i might need you for, which everything is okay with us, We believe you are fit for this position in as much you will prove yourself a reliable, loyal and good person.

I will be arriving on the 27th of march . I will prefer you have your car available and if your car will not be available due to My schedule let me know so that i can make arrangement to hire a car, I am offering you $500 weekly and I want to know if you going to be available through out my stay and i will be staying for 4 weeks.You will make yourself available 3 times a week to my schedule for 2 hours each day and that should be after sunset around 4:00 Pm to 6:00pm each working day, you will be working on Wednesday,Friday and Saturday. You will be picking me up from the airport to the hotel on my first arrival and i will be arriving in the morning around 9:00Am to 10:00Am and after my arrival you will be picking me up from the hotel to anywhere i want to go, Also I want you to know that my Personal Assistant here in united state will be sending you a Paycheck that will cover your first week payment which is $500 and my travel expenses and after you have cash the Paycheck you will deduct your first week payment $500 and the remaining funds will be sent to the Travel Agent through western union money transfer or money gram for my travel expenses, accommodation and any other expenses like gas for the vehicle and more. The paycheck is going to be an instant cash because i don't want to have any delay and it will be well prepared soon and send out to you soon. All details regarding my travel will be provided to you as soon you receive the Paycheck and send the remain money to the travel agent for our travel expenses , hotel accommodation, gas for the car and some other necessary things. Get back to me as soon as possible with the following details to prepare the Paycheck with my personal assistant and send it out to you, if you are good with the offer so that we can have a good and comfortable preparation before our arrival schedule

(1) Full Name
(2) Mailing Address and please NO
(3)Telephone Number Home and Cell
(4)Acceptance of my offer ?

Once you get back to me with all the above details, the Paycheck will be prepared and send out to you as soon as possible. Hope to hear from you soonest. Thanks for taking time to read my mail and am looking forward to read your swift response. God Bless You and have a good day

Best Regards
2nd email after i asked for more information about his business here in the us..


Thanks for your Co-operation.I am indeed glad and happy reading back from you, I will have your Information forward to my client who will issue the payment to you. I will update you as soon as payment is sent to you and provide you with a Tracking Number in order for you to know the exact time to receive Payment. When i get a confirming that the payment as be sent to you, I will email you and instruct you on how to go about the remaining of the funds sent out to my travel agent via Western Union or Money Gram Money Transfer after you must have cash the check and deduct your own amount of the Check.
Also i will have the Travel agent contact you via phone and arrange with you on how to meet, So do not worry because i have everything in control.

Thanks for Your Total Understanding and Co-operation, Have a nice day ahead of you and stay blessed.

Last Email
How are you doing today, The payment has been sent out to you and here's the tracking number for it 7974 2538 6504 via FEDEX. so as soon as you receive it kindly get it deposited immediately then ask for the rest balances so you deduct the money that accrues to you for the driving then proceed to any western union location nearest to you and have the rest of the money sent out to the agent information below. You are to deduct the western union charges from the rest of the money you have with you so you don't have to worry about that.

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So as soon as you have the money sent out to the agent get back to me with the western union money transfer details so that i can send it to the agent then the cleaning can get started immediately. Hope to read back from you soon...
...So what is this person really trying to get at?
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...So what is this person really trying to get at?
Ultimately, they want to send you a fake check. In exchange for the fake check they want you to send your money to the receiver, and in the end, you get "stuck with the check" so to speak, and you are out the cash. Then your bank will not be happy, not to mention that you could have local cops wondering why you are spreading fake paper around.


I got a check today, clearly fake.. i don't have a scanner otherwise i'd post that up.. The fake check was sent to me via overnight FedEx from ray edwards in northwest atlanta ga? probably a fake address..

The check is from "Zebra Cirlce International Foundation".. It's printed to look like a real check and has some evidence of perforation from the bottom part..

I also received a "relay call" (which i've never heard of) from at&t asking if i'd received the check and telling me to check my email and stuff..

Pretty wierd.. i wouldn't imagine any place would be stupid enough to cash this clearly bogus check.


Fraud Email

Hey i was appaulled when i read this because i was just goin through my boyfriends email and i saw an exact letter as the one you guys posted wow. i knew there was suttin fishy about it from when my boyfiend only said "im interested in the bodygaurd job" thats it no resume eas send or picture.but the guy still wrote back saying "hes okay with him being the body gaurd and he contactd his wife and shes okay wit it too"and im like wtf? what information did they go of off to come up wit this i googled it and caame up with this and it shocked me.craigslist is crazy yo..but i just felt i should share this information