Khaled Salmeen, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company

Abu Dhabi buys Brent Crude? :unsure:

From: Khaled Salmeen <>
Date: Apr 19, 2020,
Subject: Details

Hello ,

Thanks for your response.

I necessitate your partnership on a transaction worth Fifteen million Dollars as soon as you agree to work with me which is voluntary on your part and if you are not interested there is no problem whatsoever as i will take it in good faith and please i plead with you not to disclose it to anybody as i do not want to have any issues because of my Profile and Status in my country.

ABU DHABI NATIONAL OIL COMPANY (ADNOC) where i work as Executive Director, Marketing, Supply & Trading Directorate made a deal for the supply of Fifteen Million barrels (15,000,000.00 Barrels) of BRENT CRUDE OIL to an OVERSEAS OIL FIRM at the rate of 35 Dollars per barrel two weeks ago.

After the quotation was made and the deal sealed oil prices fell further in the World Oil Market to 34 Dollars and with the influence of my office i was able to revert the Documents in the records here in ABU DHABI to the new price which is 34 Dollars making an excess of $1 usd on each barrel of crude sold.This makes a total excess sum of Fifteen million United States Dollars.

Already ADNOC has received its payment FOR 34USD/Barrel while the excess 1usd/Barrel making Fifteen Million Usd ($15,000,000.00) is lodged with the Adnoc Overseas Payment bank with the help of my contacts there.I contacted you because i require your help as a foreign partner to help get the funds out because i cannot do this on my own.It is 100% risk free and genuine because the funds will be released to you as payment for Contract you executed for ADNOC.All documentations to this effect will be prepared by me here in ADNOC.

Please indicate your interest and willingness to assist to enable me send more details you about the transaction.

I await your response.

Mr. Khaled Salmeen
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company