Kim Jangil, Wing Hang Bank


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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2020
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Good day to you

I am sincerely sorry for bugging your privacy, I am Mr. Kim Jangil, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Director of OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited (Hong Kong). I contacted you to seek assistance from you to stand as next of kin to my deceased client.

I will need your permission to present you as the owner of Forty-nine point five million dollars in my bank, since I am the only one aware of the funds due to my inquiries and I also want you to also invest the money in your country for both of us for mutual benefits that we will share in an agreed ratio.

I will provide you with all the necessary documents and details to implement this Agreement when I hear from you and please this should be kept confidential between YOU and ME. If you are interested, please kindly reply me via my personal email ** If you are not interested in, please delete this email.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Kim Jangil.


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Date: Mon, 30 Mar 2020

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the response, l am Mr. Jang IL Kim, MBA. Chief Risk Officer, and Executive Director OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited (Hong Kong). I contacted you to seek your assistance to transfer the sum of money (US$49.5M) out of my bank (OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited, Hong Kong) to your custody for investment purpose of which you are going to provide an investment proposal we are to embark on in your country, which the profits would be shared 40% for you and 60% for me.

Firstly let me highlight you on the source of the funds in question, in 2005 a then serving government official Mr. Ali al-Lami the executive director of the committee that acts as Iraq's anti-Baath Party watchdog in Baghdad in the Middle East who deposited $225M USD acquiring a property under the state name Mosul, but the real cost of the property was $102M from the records and he immediately requested for opening of a personal account with $49.5M while the balance of $73.5M USD remained in the state account as a banker know it was a deal siphoning off the state funds to his personal account. Surprisingly on December 2011 the state requested for the property documents which was on our volt, going through the documents the cost of the property was reflecting $151.5M USD not $102M USD which l know about and the state asked for the balance in their account $73.5M USD and closed their account with us because Mr. Ali al-Lami is dead and he died in May 2011 he was gunned down by an unknown gunman of which as the account officer l was aware of the $49.5M USD deposited in his personal account and nobody from his country is aware of, now this is the funds we are going to partner together to pull out from my bank.

The Deal is, I am bringing you in as his Beneficiary to the funds since all links to the funds has been lost considering the death of Mr. Ali al-Lami' as his account officer I noticed that the account opening bio-data form was not been fully completed at the time Mr. Ali al-Lami was opening the account as he has not provided me with the information to indicate beneficiaries in case of death, so the beneficiary to this funds is still opened. Haven read this with understanding i would like to get some information from you so that I can key in your data in our records as the beneficiary to the funds, details needed here would be:


This project is highly capital intensive for me as I would need to employ the services of a solicitor that would prepare the legal documents to back our claims as the only survival since your assumed benefactor (Late Mr. Ali al-Lami) is dead, every step has to be legally guided this is why I have to be very careful since I am still in active service with my bank. I need your total devotion and trust to see this through. I would wait for your reply and you can reach me on +852 8199 9157 as from 6.00 p.m. upwards my time here because I have installed the phone basically for the purpose of this transaction and I would not want to be using it while at the office. I would wait for your details and willingness to work with me so that I can provide you with more information on how to achieve our primary goal.

Mr. Jang IL Kim, MBA
+852 8199 9157