Kinn Nick


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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2021

Good morning to you this is to inform you that the federal government of United States of America have donate the sum of US$10 Billions United State dollars to all the citizens of the United States and instructed it should be shared among every U.S citizens, every citizens is expected to get $1.8 Million due to this so called disease called Corona virus that spread all over the sea so that everyone can be enabled to look after his or her own family and stay safe at home and use this share of your donated fund to feed your family until this disease called Coronavirus end up, but You will pay for the delivery fee sum of $25usd and before I can deliver it, you need to reconfirm me your full information to ensure safe delivery to you such are:

1)Full name:
2)I'd card :
3)Home address:
4)Email address:

This information will be needed for security reasons to enable to verify you and also to ensure safe delivery to you and to avoid wrong delivery thank you look back to hear from you soon as you receive your text notification

Best Regard.