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i've received an email of klly.blk@globomail after advertising on a swiss site for flatsharing communities, aswell. Luckily for me, i've searched the internet before answering.
Two or three weeks before, I was answering an add, offering a room in a 2-room apartment in Zürich for an incredible low price. The guy, who offered me that flat, wanted to contact me in Skype but before, he had already asked me, to wire the money to his account. This would be safe for him, as he had changed places and is now living in the uk. After receiving my money (first rent + twice the rent as deposit), he would send the key to my address...

What made me suspicious was, that he hadn't mentioned any friend, who'd still be living in Zürich. If I were him - I would never send a key of my flat to a stranger after having only 1500SFR... So i stopped contacting him...

To any of you out there: listen to your guts. "They have more nerveendings than your brains" (stephen colbert) ;-)
both emailadresses, that tried sacmming me, are
k l l y . b l k [at] g l o b o m a i l . c o m
j a h m i s i b l e s s m i [at] y a h o o . c o m

i hope this helps someone.

kind regards
your guts :)


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Yet another one

I was offered to rent a room in Switzerland by <jeanlucsolo83@gmail.com> and <jeansolo83@gmail.com>. The photos provided were taken from another website offering a bnb in Hamburg, Germany. So, beware of this one too.


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Well, it seems wgzimmer.ch really attracts scammers. I got another offer with false photos from Nicholas Russie <bec2167777@gmail.com>.


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Another person offering a super-attractive room in Switzerland for an amazingly low price and using photos from other websites: <katherinemills936@yahoo.com>. Also found on wgzimmer. They are really infested.