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Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2018
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Hello .

I am Mr. Koffi Williams Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) we have been deliberated in this issue since I resume in the office, concern foreign overdue payment in our custody. And on 28th Aug 2018 we came to conclusion with office of Presidency and International Community,that all the unpaid fund most be move out from Nigeria to the (Foreign Reserve Security Company )(FRSC) in Europe.

This is to less the high rate of fraudulent/ scam that is going on in West Africa and globe, now all the unpaid fund has been moved through diplomatic to (Foreign Reserve Security Company) (FRSC) Europe which your own consignment box worth of 6.5 million U.S Dollars was included .

So you are to arrange to make a trip to the office of (Foreign Reserve Security Company) (FRSC) to make claim of your own consignment box.Note that you are not going to spend 1$ we have concluded with sponsor agent , he will issue you round trip ticket from your country to where your consignment box is; he will take care of your travel expense and feeding and hotel.

So indicate your interest base on this new development because we don’t have a enough time ok, you have to prepare as matters of urgent.

You can call me if you’re ready to go so that I can link you to the sponsor, your contact information needed for your ticket. Call me via phone +2348123236326. So many people have traveled there and claim their own without spending 1 dollar this is compensation to all scam victims. You can only travel to where they will direct you to pick up the DOTH cleanser that the developer will used to develop your fund and make ready for onward transfer.

I am looking forward to read your urgent message. PLS, RE-CONFIRM YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION TO ENABLE US PROCEED.

Good luck.
Mr. Koffi Williams
Central Bank of Nigeria
Got one from Airtel in Nigeria.
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