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This is the strangest scammer yet:


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…There is no job description, no address information (which is always fake anyway), no phone number, no fax number no routing info, no phishing either! I only get a "Reply-to" e-mail address - yahoo account, of course so that I cannot look up the coward's exact location.

Oh, but I do get header information. And guess what? He's exploited a school!… I only wish I knew where it was so that I can give the school's authorities the heads-up on this exploitation of school resourses.

canonical name vnuhcm.edu.vn.
IP Address:
person: Kiem Hoang Van
address: CITD: 34 Truong Dinh street, F7, 3 district
address: Ho Chi Minh city, North Vietnam
phone: +84-8-9304678
e-mail: tvthuan@vnuhcm.edu.vn
nic-hdl: KHV1-AP
Contact: tvthuan@vnuhcm.edu.vn
mnt-by: VNPT
changed: admin.vnn@vnnic.net.vn 20020603

Origin: - Cape Town, South Africa:

person: Frederik Strauss
org-type: LIR
country: ZA
address: Private Bag x001
address: N1 City
address: Cape Town 7463
e-mail: gphilander@mweb.com
phone: +27 21 596 8300
abuse e-mail: <abuse@mweb.com>

From: vuthichinh@vnuhcm.edu.vn
Subject: Job Opportunity For Representatives/ Collection Agents Respond if interested.browntextilesltd1011@yahoo.com.hk
Date: May 30, 2009 5:02:09 AM PDT
Reply-To: browntextilesltd1011@yahoo.com.hk
Return-Path: <vuthichinh@vnuhcm.edu.vn>
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