Larry Beckie, Western Union


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from: Western Union International <>
reply-to: "Mr. Larry Beckie" <>
date: Nov 1, 2018, 1:19 AM
subject: Your Compensation Bonus

Welcome to Western Union:
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Western Union transferring payment head office/I64 Broad Street 1000 10
Monrovia, Liberia 1000
Direct Cell Phone: +231-770-572-000

Base on the instruction passed to this Western Union department from the office of the New Government of the Central Bank regarding to the compensation bonus of your check worth the ($2.500`000`00USD) which your e-mail id was among selected, Are you ready to pick up this $10,000.00 sent to you?

Which we have concluded and effected your payment through Western Union $10,000.00 daily payment until the sum of ($2.500`000`00USD) is completely transferred to you start from tomorrow, so comply with the Western Union transfer directives to start picking up your compensation funds with this $10,000.00 Tomorrow:

You are to pay our transfer registration fees of $129 usd only because we have made all the necessary arrangement to set free your fund total ($2.500`000`00USD) to your account, but the transfer registration fee is delaying. Therefore; pay the transfer registration fee once you get this email so that you will pick up your first $10,000.00 tomorrow, and once you have comply with us by paying the only $129 usd transfer registration fee to the below information.

You can also call once you send the fee +231-770-572-000

RECEIVER'S NAME ===Alexander C Osita

As soon as we have the payment slip of the $129, then we will proceed by releasing your first payment of $10,000.00 to be picking up by you tomorrow.

Best Regards.
Mr. Larry Beckie
Director of western union
For more informs, please contact me, +231-770-572-000