Larry Kewell


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Dear Friend,

This letter is informed by my intention to settle and invest in a profitable
business venture abroad. I am compelled to contact you after going
through your
advert. I believe you will assist me invest the understated sum in a good
business line. After the money has been invested, you will assist to get my
family resettled abroad.

I am a Sierra Leonean and currently living in Benin Republic as a
result of the
war ravaging my country. I was a personal assistant to a top
government official
who was killed by the rebel forces. Before my boss was killed, he had in his
possession, the sum of US$21,000,000.00 in cash meant for the purchase of
ammunitions for the war. Fortunately, the rebels did not see this money.
However, the general impression was that they took the money away. I was the
only one who knew where the money was. Fearing that I might be killed
as well, I
decided to run away with my family carrying with me the money. I took
the money
away because I did not want the money used to acquire more arms rather it is
better used in an investment that will be beneficial mankind.

The box containing the money is currently secured with a security firm
who moved
it to Europe. This is my reason for contacting you so that you can
work this out
with me, receiving, securing and invest the money. There is no risk involved
because no one else knows that the money is with me. Even the security firm
where I deposited the box does not know the actual content as I
declared it as a
family treasure and photographic materials.

I shall give you 10% of the money when it is moved, and invested. This is
negotiable. If you are genuinely willing to assist me in this, kindly respond
urgently so that I can give you more details.

Best regards,
larry kewell