Legitimate ISP a Cover-up For a Cybercrime Network

Dick H Box

From Slashdot:

ezabi writes
"TrendWatch, the malware research arm of TrendMicro, has posted a white paper titled "A Cybercrime Hub' (PDF, summary here) describing the activities of an Estonian ISP acting as a cover-up for a large cybercrime network. It's involved with malware distribution and DNS hijacking, which leads to credit card fraud. The story's interesting, and a typical internet user would be exposed in such a situation. What security measures should be taken to prevent normal users from falling victim to such malicious bodies? Note that they are represented legitimately and are offering real services like any other internet company."
The full paper is HERE

This will affect many people, as the ISP has offshoots in Europe & North America.


Interesting pdf, they seem to have covered the issue pretty well ,
high traffic targets including google search was an eye opener.