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Good day, I am Lerynne West, I am 51 years old From Red field Iowa, a single mother of three and the recent winner of almost $350 million in the Power ball Lottery, I won this lottery on 5th of November 2018 and I am writing to inform you that Google in alliance with Microsoft and GMX submitted Random “Emails" that each upon my request receive a donation amount of $1.9 million. As I wish to donate part of my Jackpot to people around the world and also veterans as I thank God for all he has been doing in my life so far. I hope my donations can reach out to those that have been going through a lot financially.


Please provide me with the following:
Full Names.............
Monthly income..............................
And a check for $1.9 million will be issued to you.

Lerynne West
Contact: foundations.west@protonmail.com


Staff member
Nigeria, Lagos, Airtel Networks Limited
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Attention lucky winner Email ID,

I am Mrs. Lerynne West the current winner of $343.9 million in powerball lottery on October 27, 2018 drawing, I'm donating to 5 random individuals and if you get this email then your email was selected after a spin ball. I have spread most of my wealth over a number of charities and organizations. I have voluntarily decided to donate the sum of {$12.5 Millions} to you as one of the selected {5}, to verify my winnings please see my interview by visiting this link below.


I just started international charitable donation campaign as i will be give a donation sum of US$12.5 MILLION each to improve the life of FIVE {5} Lucky individual from any part of worldwide.

Your email address was submitted to us by the Google internet management teams as an email User and a part of our donation list your Email ID is among those listed to receive the donation sum of US$12.500,000.00 through the help of my accountant agent, Mr. John Peck in Heritage Bank Hopkinsville, KY 42240, United States.

According to arrangement i sign with Mr. John Peck, The Director of Heritage Bank he will contact you as soon as your donation worth US$12.5 million is ready to enable them send you the payment through ATM Visa Card or bank to bank wire Transaction.

But make sure you contact Mr. John Peck yourself with below information to enable quick releasing the donation payment to you because bankers is always engage with many customers activities. THIS IS YOUR WINNING NUMBER: [ WEST2718 ] make sure you send Mr. John Peck your WINNING NUMBER and your details if you want them to release your payment to you.

Contact Person::: Mr John Peck.
President and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage bank United States Fund Compensation representative
Contact Number::: +1 (270) 605-3566 <--text message only
Contact Email::: { johnpeck@citromail.hu }

Send him your personal information listed below for easier credit your funds in your name.
Full Name :..
Home Address :..
City :..
Zip code:..
Home phone Numbers:..
Office phone Number:..
A copy of your ID or passport:..

Mr. John Peck also always receive text message on +1 (270) 605-3566 for bank business only. You can text him anytime about your donation payment because too many fraud use email address.

Hope to make you and your family happy. Congratulations & Happy Celebrations in Advance,

Best Regard.
Mrs. Lerynne West
Remain bless from Mrs. Lerynne West Funds Donation Families.
From Nigeria again.

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Contact Person::: Mr John Peck.
President and Chief Executive Officer of Heritage bank United States Fund Compensation representative
Contact Number::: +1 (270) 405-8930 <--text message only
Contact Email::: { ceo.johnpeck@citromail.hu }