Letting scams and problems to avoid

This is a continuing problem anyone should be aware of and has been going on for a few years. The moral is to be absoulutely certain you deal with reputable firms and not to be lured by promises and the chance of a quick pound or two. It is of course, a SCAM.

Many of the elderly and vulnerable boost their income by renting out their homes. Tragically, many fall victim to a gang of Middle Eastern crooks who give the impression of being bona fide tenants then immediately start to sublet to all and sundry via sites like Booking.com. It's an epidemic in Chelsea and Kensington.
The process of removing these gangsters is long-winded and hugely expensive. See the previous stuff by the Dame LINK
In one recent example the owner of a small, not especially high-value flat, paid £40,000 in legal fees and lost rent.
In the three months, it takes to evict these people rent cannot be taken and on the day possession is granted, plus costs and back rent, the shysters wind up the renting company whipping out the £1 million lodged there.
There are multiple losers....the local council who lose council tax and various utilities who don't get bills paid

From the link above about VR Wings.
Remember the name VR Wings: it will save you tens of thousands of pounds.
You can read about it HERE
The owner of a small Chelsea flat was away for a couple of years. Foolishly, he asked Sotheby’s Reality to rent out the flat: they did; to Neasden based VR Wings
Yes, only an idiotic letting agent could assume a location agent would be based in a Neasden industrial unit, storing spices and other comestibles.
It should have set alarm bells jangling at Sotheby's Unreality!
The agreement named the occupants as a Jeddah couple-let’s call them the Al Fraudi's.
On behalf of the Al Fraudi's, VR Wings paid 3 months rent up front.
Immediately, VR Wings started to break the sub-letting and noise disturbance clause in the agreement.
It put the flat with booking.com and a Arab owned Edgware Rd agency, London Victoria Estates.
So, from March this year, the flat has been sub-let to global riff raff looking for a cheapish bed for the night...well £300 cash per night.
By now, noise and security issues are seriously affecting the building. Sometimes VR Wings stuffs 7/8 partying people into the flat....
So the freeholder’s solicitor tells the owner to terminate VR Wings’s tenancy and reminds the leaseholder they are in breach of their lease as long as VR Wings continues to sub-let and allow anti-social behaviour.
So, at a cost of thousands, eviction notices are served on VR Wings.
VR Wings
laughs it off.....saying we are going to continue to sublet and it will take you 6 months to get us out: the only people who will make money are the men in wigs”.

VR Wings is a dissolved company
V R WINGS LTD Company number 07695615
The director was, until dissolved Ahmed, Hasan Ali.
Director. Date of birth . March 1970. Nationality British Country of residence United Kingdom
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