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Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016
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I enjoy being in nature, with others, and taking life one day at a time, though I can plan ahead. I'm in a vocational transition state now and am focusing on the outcome of my current path, yet have time to explore a really good friendship with a down to earth type of man. I really appreciate men who can make things, fix things, work on their home/car/projects (I do)... I am originally a trades-person myself and find satisfaction in the results of honest work.Life is good and I am grateful for family, friends and opportunities to improve on what I have through my own ingenuity and know how. I've been very independent for a long time, off and on, and still find myself desiring one great and fulfilling relationship. I am spiritual but don't subscribe to a particular religion, though Taoism, Buddhism, and Zen help me find clarity and balance. I have a strong interest Tibetan Buddhism.My hobbies and interests include reading (sci-fi/fantasy is a fave), writing (poetry and working on a couple of short story ideas, maybe there's a couple novels to be produced which could only be penned by me), listening to a great variety of music, riding bike, swimming, cooking tasty and healthy food, hiking (beaches, mountains, lakes, parks), gardening (used to be a landscaper and looking forward to digging my toes into dark soil again), planning for an 'off the grid' home for later years, making necklaces, fiddling with pics in photoshop, traveling (have lived in AK, CA, FL, OR, WA, WY [NM is my new home state and I am so glad to be where there are seasons again!] and spent a little time in AZ, ID, NJ, MT, UT, Cuba and Mexico), sharing pleasurable moments with friends, talking with family (they are all in Calif), and currently looking for that one really good heart to share life's adventures and relaxing moments with. I'm not much into shopping, don't subscribe to drama, and prefer talking out issues over reacting to them. I believe in honest communications, respect, and compassion as the best foundation for any relationship, but especially for that one special relationship that will last. I'm not a player (is serial dater the new PC term for that?) and appreciate being with one man. I enjoy holding hands, kissing, giving and receiving massage, and having fun with the one I love. Politically I am mostly a bit left of center with conservative values and am a progressive enviro since way back, did time on a small town city council and won't dabble in politics that deeply anymore (I still write letters now and then and I vote). I prefer first communications through POF mail, then phone and potentially meeting face to face if we find we both have an interest in meeting. I'm not a big fan of "favoriting" people... talk to me...
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