Linda Brawn aka Linda Ross

these name are all from one user!
Lindarios on cam4
Lindabrawn on both cam4 en myfreecam
Sexycat93 on myfreecam
KiarraCam on myfreecam (RECENTLY MADE, i spotted her and she saw me and went offline)

all accounts are from the same scammer, if i go trough the list of scammers online here and she is in there, but
im not sure about it, maybe someone else can give it a go or knows a better solluction to find her?

here are the links (my latest find)

Story: they have the classic thing I LOVVEEEE YOUUUU going on for the softer souls in our society, they did it also with me, first 3 days it worked but then it just felt unnatural, you feel there is something not right!, then i went to search further and found out that she logs in and out between those accounts to scam people, she works
as a normal model and earns her token, but meanwhile she invents that her laptop breaks and other things, so you will send her money that she can come back online for you!
Sexycat93 tried it with the laptop, but i made the mistake in the evening to go to lindabrawn on myfreecam, after that she logged back in on sexycat93 with a policeofficer uniform, and laughing with the situation, but i did not believe and did more research and im sure she is a fullgrown stonecold scammer and longtime active

****** Now that im aware of it and researched many houres on scamprofiles, i noticed many woman online on camsites who has a profile on, i started my crusade against them! those profiles are recently made , some till 2 days go, others have great stats and visitors, but the faces dont lie if you compair them with profesional scammers profile! I noticed also they have already backup profiles to use if one is blown, already clean with 10-20 admires and few positive comments on profile, so i
conclude that there is a whole organisation behind it! There is no moderator on MFC who active controlls the models (they must email their papers and thats it) so its relative easy for them to keep making profiles with fake identities)

Im looking for people to join my crusade against those bitches and information on what to do next!!!
this is how models get enrolled on MFC:

How does the signup process work?
It's really quick and easy. You can be online in just a few hours!

[*]Check out and familiarize yourself with the site and see how it works.
[*]Complete the application at the Model Signup Page.
[*]After you are approved, you will be e-mailed a link to complete your account information.
[*]You will be then e-mailed a username and password to log in to a special page for models.
[*]You will have to upload your Photo ID and fill out your profile.
[*]Then you can download the software and go online!

like you see, with some good photoshopping you can make any illigal form look right and if used stolen pasports its even easier cause the numbers used are correct
so its quite easy for them to maintain several accounts on those sites!