Linda Pearce, DHL

Hua Mulan

Staff member
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Date: Fri, 20 Nov 2020
Subject: Thank by Mrs.Linda Pearce call or sms :+1 626 244 7858

YOU CAN NOW GIFT CARD OF $50 or sms :+1 626 244 7858
How are you doing, I hope all is well with you,

I writ to let you know that we held a last meeting yesterday concern your package that is here in our custody for so long due to in enable to raise the needed fee. After our New Year meeting the director of DHL DELIVERY COMPANY decided to help you out by you sending I TUNES CARD or Steam Wallet Card of $50 for the diplomat agent to use it and call you once he get to your city.

we also advise you to Reconfirm your Current Delivery details Including your phone number and your home address to enable the diplomat agent locate you once he get to your city to avoid wrong Delivery or mistake as he is getting to your home Today. Because once you send the Gift Card your total fund of $2.5 million will be deliver to your door step without any delay So be advise to go direct to any store and buy the I TUNES CARD or Steam Wallet Card Remember to scratch it and take
a picture of it front and back and forward it to the Agent Mr. Davis Jerry on (( once you receive this email

Thank by Mrs. Linda Pearce call or sms :+1 626 2447858
The director of DHL delivery company.