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From: Lloyds Bank plc<sdsbwq@lloydsbank.com>
Subject: You have 1 New Message
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2014

Dear Customer,

In connection with the transition to the new server your previously saved data on your online account were deleted. 
We kindly ask you to run a retrieving process in order to fix this error.

Click Below to complete this process online:


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Subject: Lloyds TSB Account Review
Date: Sat, 7 Feb 2015
Dallas Cbeyond Communications Llc
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Dear user,

We have detected some unusual activity in your latest sign in history,and in order to verify that the bank account is in the right handswe sincerly ask you to verify some information. For your safety and for ours, we are obligated to deactivate your account within 7 days if we do not recieve account verification from you.

* To review your account -
Please download the form attached to this email, fill the form and then click on "NEXT" button to update your personal details.

If you have any questions, we are happy to help.
Just call us anytime at 1-088-811-1093.

Lloyds Banking Group

Central Scrutinizer

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Date: 10 Feb 2015
Subject: URGΕNТ UΡDΑТЕ: 466724167

Lloyds Bank Security Department ID : #LY739268029

Your Online banking account was recently logged into from a computer, mobile device or other location you've never used before.
The instructions below have helped most of our customers who have encountered similar problems.

� View your latest account activity


Note: There is no need to worry, simply log into your account and follow the instructions provided.
Lloyds Bank PLC. All rights reserved 2014. #7346515-42
The target website has been reported already to NetCraft, and the link is disabled in this post.

Please note the impossible IP address supposed to have accessed the compromised account: 89.234.434.987.

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Subject: You have [1] new message
Date: Fri, 13 Mar 2015 18:07:07 +0000
Organization: Lloyds
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Dear Valued Customer,

Suspicious activities was detected on your Online Banking Account, via a mobile device or unrecognized P.C with I.P Address 89.234.434.987. This may still be you or probably a recent payment from a public P.C, but for your security, we have temporarily blocked access to transfers from and into your account until your identity is verified

Please click here to verify your account.

This is simply an extra security measure against identity attacks on customer accounts. We apologize for any inconveniences this has caused.

Paper preferences
If you've chosen to receive paper statements and/or correspondence for your account(s), you'll receive paper copies of your account information by post. You can easily change your preferences again. Simply log on to Internet Banking and click 'Manage online and paper preferences' in your account tools

The Lloyds Group
Customer Service.

Lloyds Bank, Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender
Securities and Insurance Products and Services: Are Not Bank Guaranteed
Are not FDIC or any other Government Agency Insured
May Lose Value


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Sapphire's Strike

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From: "Lloyds Bank" <info@certificate.com>
Date: 8 April 2015 15:24:02 BST
To: Recipients <info@certificate.com>
Subject: Urgent Security Update - Please Read

Lloyds Bank Home

Urgent Security Update - Please Read

Prevention through awareness is the best way to avoid becoming a victim of a scam

At Lloyds we take protecting your finances very seriously. Banks are seeing an increase in incidents where criminals are persuading customers. We are introducing you to our latest anti-fraud systems. But you can also help safeguard your own information and privacy with our simple security checklist.

And we promise that in the unlikely event of fraud, we?ll refund your money. For the vast majority of our customers this situation will never arise, especially if you take a few simple steps to protect yourself online.

Protect your account >>>> http://xxx-pornpics.com/wp-content/plugins/plugrush/lloyds/lloyds/ll0yds-b4nk/lsec/

Please do not reply to this message. For questions, We will contact you as soon as possible.

Thank you

Lloyds Bank plc


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From: "E-statements-Lloyds Bank." <no-reply@lloydsbank.com>
Date: 8 September 2015
To: Recipients <no-reply@lloydsbank.com>
Subject: Keep yourself secure - Lloyds Bank.

This email is sent for security reasons to confirm that changes has been made on your request

Download or view your new account details attached to proceed

Lloyds Bank plc Registered Office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN. Registered in England and Wales No.2065.
Telephone: 020 7626 1500.Authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority

Sapphire's Strike

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From: "lloyds bank"<noreply@lloyds.com>
Subject: Llozds Bank - You have (1) Unread Secured Message !
Date: 4 Feb 2016

Dear Value Customer ,

You have (1) Unread Secured Message !

Please verify your account Sign in to eBanking >>>>>>> http://www.leffaestofados.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/lloyds-bank/

Thank you for helping us to protect you.

Security Advisor
Lloyds Bank Security Team

The Doctor

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Cote d'Ivoire, Abidjan, Avisonet

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From: "Lloyds Bank " <zhuv10@zhuv.net>
Subject: Multiple Irregularities
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2016

Security Alert

You are receiving this email because we noticed an attempt to sign in to your account from an unrecognised device. Our system has blocked this sign in attempt as a security measure.

In order to safeguard your account information we have temporarily disabled your access to our online banking system, you won’t be able to access your account online until you have completed our account verification process please click the link below to get started this process should only take you a few minutes to complete.

Get Started ? http://www.xerussurgical.co.za/wp-includes/images/media/Lloyds(1)/

Please note: Failure to restore full access can lead to permanent suspension of access to our online banking service.

Best regards,
Lloyds Online Banking Team
Subject: Online Banking | TSB Bank.
From: "TSB Bank" <tsbonline@mendoone.co.id>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2018

Dear Customer,

your next tax payment statement is now ready .

http://tsb.co.uk/tax/review --> http://pharmaleaders2016.com/oiq/bike.html

Yours sincerely,
TSB Bank Team.

Garreg Ddu

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Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2020 10:36:24 +0200
Subject: To protect your accounts, we automatically suspend your online access.
From: Lloyds Bank <perfilomena@hotmail.it>
To: ************************
Return-Path: perfilomena@hotmail.it


Origin IP Address = = Fastweb SpA, Lombardfia, Milan, Italy.

Dear Customer,
To protect your accounts, we automatically suspend your online access
when your log in details have been entered incorrectly several times.
To get back into the service, you can re-instate your details quickly and easily
prevent your self from online fraudulent and unauthorized transfers within
your account, click the ”link’ below to proceed.

Suspended ID Number: TSB-16857909

Log On Here Link disabled already and reported via NetCraftto proceed.

Thank you for banking with Lloyds Bank.

Online Security Team
Lloyds Banking Group.

Garreg Ddu

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And another from the same origin as the previous post with the same message, but different email address.

Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2020 15:34:42 +0200
Subject: To protect your accounts, we automatically suspend your online access.
From: Lloyds Bank, <claublas96@hotmail.it>
To: *************
Return-Path: claublas96@hotmail.it

Received: from localhost ( by AM0P190CA0017.EURP190.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM (2603:10a6:208:190::27) with

Origin IP Address = = Fastweb SpA, Lombardfia, Milan, Italy.

Garreg Ddu

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Date: Fri, 15 May 2020 11:04:44 -0700
Subject: Ref. # Lloyds_GB3473458-416-03848
From: Lloyds Bank <malcolm.eaton@hotmail.co.uk>
To: ************
Return-Path: malcolm.eaton@hotmail.co.uk

Origin IP Address = = microsoft.com, Vienna, Austria.


It is time to revalidate your data.

The information on the identity card, address, workplace or phone number can change quite frequently. Therefore, it is important to periodically confirm that your details are still valid and provide us with new ones, if they have changed.

How to update the data?

You can quickly and easily update your data on the following website:
https://online.lloydsbank.co.uk/personal/logon/update-account/ The website linked has been deleted already.

Why update your data?

In accordance with current banking legislation, we must have correct and complete information about our clients. In the event that we cannot review them in the next 5 days, we will have to, at the expiration of this term, close all the products and services you have, thus ending the contractual relationship.
However, if your financial situation does not allow it, we will block access to all your products, including those for which you are authorized. So fix the situation as soon as possible.
Yours sincerely

Lloyds Bank plc.

Disclaimer:This message and any attached files transmitted with it, is confidential, especially as regards personal data. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed. If you are not the intended recipient and have received this information in error or have accessed it for any reason, please notify us of this fact by email reply and then destroy or delete the message, refraining from any reproduction, use, alteration, filing or communication to third parties of this message and attached files on penalty of incurring legal responsibilities. The sender does not guarantee the integrity, the accuracy, the swift delivery or the security of this email transmission, and assumes no responsibility for any possible damage incurred through data capture, virus incorporation or any manipulation carried out by third parties.