Lloyed Louis, PCL Constructions Ltd


One He-Goat Short Of A Westy
from: PCL Constructions Ltd <pclconstructionsltd@aol.com>
date: Jan 7, 2020, 9:28 AM
subject: Re:

Dear Applicant ,

With reference to your application with us, as screened and evaluated by us over your submitted resume/CV, PCL Construction Company Canada and USA is pleased to offer you a provisional appointment .We are desirous of having you work with us after this assessment by us, as we see your skills as value addition to our company and our clients respectively.

It is expected that you join us as early as possible but not later than one (1) Month, beyond which the offer would be in abeyance, until a new date may be considered by us.On acceptance of this Appointment you are to submit the following referenced documents below to us via email and also be present with the below requirements on your visa to join our company

1. One (1) Passport Size photographs
2. Data page of your international passport
3. International Workers permit Certificate

This Offer of Expatriate Work contract is contingent upon the fulfillment of all the above referenced engagement provisions within the time frame allotted to it.

Kindly, note that you have to provide a scanned copy of your National Identity Card or RELEVANT PAGES OF YOUR INTERNATIONAL PASSPORTS along with the copy of your INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE, which you are to procure from the companies soliciting law firm. a subsidiary of BARNEY IMMIGRATION SOLICITORS Canada before your resume date, if you do not already have it.

Due to past experiences the company has had with International and local staffs working with us currently,along side the current security challenges in your country ,the Company now makes it mandatory for every shortlisted candidate to submit an INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE. This ensures that any staff coming to work with us will be legally and officially cleared by the companies anti terror department so as to make sure that we are employing a terror free applicant into our reputable firm so as not to fall victim to the high level sanctions being given as a result of defaulting in that order and also as advised by our security department in line with the current security challenges,

Due to long distance and the short time frame in booking an appointment with the companies solicitors.As soon as you complete their procedures they will forward the hard or soft copies of an INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE, which you are to come along during resumption date in Canada for security reasons.

We will take care of the expenses and the provision of WORK/RESIDENT PERMIT PAPERS AND VISA.Note, that you are responsible for the COST of procuring your INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE if you don't have,as this will enable the company to sponsor your Visa,Work/Residence Permit Papers and flight ticket including one month upfront salary in other for you to settle your local expense before your embark on your trip to to our company in Canada.

The resident work permit clearance certificate that is needed for any Employee to work in Canada should come from the Canadian Immigration here in Quebec
We will take care of the expenses and the provision of WORK/RESIDENT PERMIT PAPERS AND VISA. Employees would have to provide a Scan Copy of their International passport to enable us undertake the processing of their work and resident permit paper issue.

If you don't have the INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE we can give you the contact information of an Attorney that you are to contact immediately to obtain a valid one Note that failure to provide a valid INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE ON YOUR RESUMPTION DATE,will mean an automatic nullification of your Appointment.

When we are convinced with you,You Will be directed to write a letter for reimbursement addressed to the Chief Accountant for advance salary of the first one month and account information where the reimbursement will be paid.(This is only payable once an evidence of the INTERNATIONAL WORKERS CERTIFICATE is shown )
Note: Please do present an Account information that is accredited and money receivable by you.

Best regards as we await you on the interview date.

With Best Wishes,

Lloyed Louis.
Human Resources Manager.