Lord Janny


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He showed up as a DHL "diplomat" here: http://antifraudintl.org/threads/debbie-springer.120979

Return-Path: <cicka60@panet.rs>
Received: from mail.panet.rs (mail.panet.rs. [])
Reply-To: <dhl_901867@xd.ae>
From: Lord Janny <cicka60@panet.rs>
Subject: call or text (706) 920-8007)
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2018

This is Diplomat Lord Janny, I write to let you know that I have paid
the money that hold me since and everything about the delivery of your
package has been concluded successful, package will deliver to you
The only thing that will be my delay now is $89 for police notification of your package.
but it need to pay so that i will proceed, all other delivery
documents obtain here in united State but only the police notification
fee they persisted it must pay before i proceed,
So I want you to try all your possible best to send the $89 today
because nothing hold your package any more,so you have to Send the
money to this person direct through western union or money gram and get back to me
with the full information in text,so that my company will put it in my ATM
card and i will withdraw it here and pay them so that them will leave
your package and i will proceed to your country that you give me the address,
Receiver name, rekya awoudou
Country, Benin
City, Porto-novo
Text Question, Sure
Answer, Yes
Sender name and address
I look forward to hear from you because nothing more hold your package
here accept this police notification fee $89,And i have call Sylvia and told her every thing,
Thank. Diplomat Lord Janny
call or text (706) 920-8007)