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This email reply I received sound like scam to me! Please advice!
There is HR for Facebook in that name but the way she wrote just don't seem right to me!

Thanks for your swift response . well the schedule would have to depend on you as it is not a stressful work to do . You are going to be working directly as an admin officer and also you be in charge of payroll also i am pleased to tell you that your pay per week is $300 . You have to wait for instructions before you work and all what you are going to have to be doing is within and convenient for you .
Please send in your resume with your personal email and as soon as the HR goes through it you would get a congratulatory message alongside your letter of appointment .
Lori Goler

Hi , i am Lori Goler and am one of the HR for Facebook .
We just acquired a new platform which is WhatsApp app and we have shortage of staff due to the Covid 19 virus . Seeking for a work from Home staff who will work as an Admin officer for the WhatsApp platform .
Feel free to send in a mail with your resume for job offer .
Lori Goler

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@Toughrose - This looks like a scam, the grammar is shocking.

Please post the email address of the sender.

Be very wary of any email which mentions Covid 19 virus, the scammers jumped on that very quickly.