Lorne Richards Konelsky, Chevron Nigeria


Mr. Lorne Richards Konelsky (Dir).
Project Procurement and Services,
Chevron Nigeria Ltd.
2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula
Lagos, Nigeria.
Email: [lkrichards@myway.com] Date: 24/12/2007.

Attention: - Sir/Madam,
Compliments of the season to you and your family. I am Mr. Lorne Richards Konelsky the Director of Project Procurement and Services with Chevron Nigeria Ltd. at the above stated address. Kindly pardon me for intruding your privacy. My urgent need of an assistance in a business transaction made me to write you without seeking for permission to do so.

Could you be kind enough to assist me facilitate the transfer of funds into your custody as my representative and beneficiary? The funds in question was accrued to me through an over-invoiced contract that was awarded to a German contractor 2 years ago and has been fully paid.

All you need to do is to act as the beneficiary of the funds to enable the transfer. Note that this is 100% legal and no upfront fees is required from you to facilitate the transfer. You must also have a Line of Credit Account (Home/Business Equity) to be able to execute this transaction. More details, proceedures and commissions will be discussed as soon as I read from you with your positive intent to assist.

I will be awaiting your prompt response.

Mr. Lorne Richards Konelsky (Dir).

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