Louis Elliot, Sheraton Hotels, Canada



Dear Applicant,

Your details have been forwarded to the immigration service, Now kindly download the attached file of Sheraton Hotels Visa Application Form, fill the form properly and forward it to the board of Immigration service for the processing of your visa into Canada, Below is the email address you will use to send the form.

E-mail: canadian.immigration_ottawa@qualityservice.com

Kindly inform the office that you were instructed to contact their office by the management of Sheraton Hotel, for your tourist visa processing, he will definitely respond to your application.

NB: Make sure that you print out the hotel form filled and forward to the above email address urgently and return a copy to us for documentation and do not forget to inform us immediately you receive any message from the immigration service. Thanks

Mr. Louis Elliot.
Sheraton Hotels Canada.

this is a Email
I want to know Sheraton Hotel Recruite new Employees and Get Tickets accommodation and Foods.

They ask.me to send my Details and Passport copy and FILL THE visa Application form and send it to Embassy. And Let to know them to msg come from Embassy.
Is this Fake Or True?

Please assist me.

Spanish Admin

THE Spanish Administrator
Staff member
Absolute scam. See Why your employment email is probably fake

Quoting Nanook from another subforum.
What has been said repeatedly in this thread. The domain for immigration [Canada] is cic.gc.ca.

Any email from any server you receive which does not direct you to cic.gc.ca is a scam. Always. Every single time. No exceptions.

Please do not send them anything. They are criminals out to steal your money.