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Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2016
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Subject: Hello, love, I hope to read from you soon

Hello love

How are you ? I am very happy to write to you today. I was very happy and felt that in fact this person I met online today is so special, I'm talking about faith here when feelings are so powerful it's as if a strong force is beyond your control is in order to guide someone who makes you happy to be honest in your wildest dreams, I do not know how I put it, but I know it's love, our happiness is the happiness of each other. I want us to be good to each other as a good relationship.

My full name is Lieutenant Colonel Linda Alana Julie. 43 year old lady, I'm from New York, United States, but currently in Afghanistan. I have 68 guys here under my control in the war zone. I am a widower for over 5 years, but I have a son Richard, who is attending school in the United States. Richard is 14 years old and I lost his father, my beloved husband in a car accident. May he gentle soul rest in perfect peace, Amen. I really need a real relationship now, and I know you must have doubt and fear about my feelings and my rapid development in love, but I really need a man to help me, after my retirement is a good home. that's why I came online. I will as we are best of friends and you can also ask me anything you like about me and my life style know. Send me your photos and I do not get any time online, because I know in a war zone, but I will because of you, and I'll try you more about you ? Please take very good care of yourself for me and I'll be glad to be your best friend, to know each other better to see what the future holds for us.

I hope to read from you soon.

Here some of my photos.

With best regards.