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Subject: It has been a long time
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2018
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I was afraid, and even now because may be you have another woman. But nonetheless I decide to write you. I made it. You can see and read about me. And if you'll have an interest in woman. And If you are single and handsome man, and you are in search for half who save you from this lonesomeness and hope I'm not mistake and also look for a man who will pull me from same. I still throw in love which could make us forceful or vice versa, but from other love is just the best that people can have. I am positive, I like to live, humanity, nature. And also I am very energetic woman and in life in general. For me so important to find a right man for life. Don't want any games. It's impossible to play upon heartstrings. As for me also, my name is Lutfiya, I was born and live in my native country Azerbaijan. I have a work and do many sport. send you my photos. Will hope to have and see reciprocal response.

Please answer my personal email address I'm really looking forward to
Another photo at

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Subject: Good morning!
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2018
From: Lutfiya Mashatova

I didn`t assume to write this message and as have your e-mail from internet anket acquaintances. I would like to write you a little about me. And I will hope, that you live alone and as I`m single woman and live in my native country Azerbaijan. I can send my photo to you. I didn`t know, with what should I begin - A nice woman, in search of second half, my man. Also I will make a choice personally on this personal question. Already long time I have no any relations. I can be various, now I see for my healths and correctly I eat. Occasionally I spend time with my girlfriends, but more, lonely at my home. I will be glad to write and send you about me and can you send me your fotos. But I should be desirable to learn your mind at first. I`m real, actual woman and can write more to you. And my real name is Lutfiya
Please answer my personal email address I`m really looking forward to