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MABEL NYAAKOAH/ANN ANGEL saga, so many people being scammed , i have been scammed by this girl ,i sent over 3,000 australian dollars in 5 months to her, started of she found me in myspace and we continued on yahoo messenger at first i thought what the hell does a fine looking women like her want anything to do with me, after chatting every day for around a month she asked me for money to keep her net on, so i send her small amount through western union, as days went on i seen her on cam i was amazed at the time we exchanged pics and i thought she was fair dinkum, i sarted keeping chats and recording cam sessions just in suspision as it all seem so real, after some time we formed a relationship witch i was happy, then she asked me for money to help her sister as she said she was sick well i said " i cant send that amount of money as i didnt have it" she was understanding this so the convo's kept going, things were real to me- so i asked if she would like to come to australia to be my wife- she seemed so happy and was willing to come -but she had no money to do so , her name was mabel nyaakoah , i didnt know about ann angel at this point in time,, i was in a few dating sites so i thought id close the accounts as mabel was going to be my wife --- then bam i seen her profile on net log it was her name and age i thought thats fine everyone has a profile in a dating site but then i seen more pics with different names so i questioned her about it still not knowing about ann angel she replied "oh my love people are trying to corrupt me and using my pic's to scamm people in my country", i said "oh ok well thats fair enough then", my mind ticked over so i went serching in more dating sites finding more n more pics and different profile names, i asked again she replied " my love my friends are so jelouse of me maybe they still do this to ruin me and you" i accepted that sending more money for valentine gift and internet, i asked how will we be together? i said if you can borrow money for the flight here in australia i will ppay the person back when you come here , we agreed on this so i sent her fionce visa, passport and medical money, also the cam she was using wasnt hers so i sent her $ for a new cam , things were going great she scanned the passport for me booked a flight and gave me the itinery ,, this is when things were going down hill, we had a fight 2 days b4 the flight and in anger i said i wont pick u up, my bad words hmmm she told the travell agent this and they aperrently got immagration involved, i was sent a email saying that immagration now want 1000 ghana cedi for her pocket money b4 they would let her on the flight ,, i didnt have it witch was around 600 aus $ we continued talking after breaking up several times i got back together, thinking we could work this out as she borrowd the flight money i felt bad so we arranged to try again this time she supposed of borowed flight money of her bank, by this time i stumbled accross the ann angel modeling site well i went of my rocker , she said " i didnt tell you about that i use to do the modeling but not anymoore and you wouldnt want anything to do with me, it was a big shock to me, i said well if you picked me i didn't mind that you did this just be honest with me in the future, so the next itinery came to me this time was through kotoka airlines with a track my flight witch made it all real wow i was happy, the day of her flight went into the track my flight and found it was cancelled, then i startd getting worried,, i contact seth the man who she borrowed the money off the first flight no responce till next day he contact me in yahoo messenger saying she was arrested at the airport with a fake gold document from a present she was bringing to me and wanted bail money well i said : hhmmmm use the pocket money that she had to get out of jail i did talk to afia nyakoah supposably her mother and she was glad that i got her out of jail,,, i couldnt believe how she made a stupid mistake and blew the flight, grrr then i got a email from her family lawyer saying her inheritence of the gold of 600 kg she has need 600 pound so it can be cleard in my name ,,, i was so suspicious i didnt send for a month or so ,, we broke it off again but my mind was ticking we caught up again but this time i was smart as i knew i had all cams sessions and yahoo chat recorded, so i played the game knowing i would catch her out,, and i did i found her talking to a man and i contacted him told him my story he was so glad as he was going to send money her ecxuse to me with him was " he is only a friend " i said well you had my phone number why dont you ring me insead if ringing him: so i knew i caught her i still sent he little money so she would keep in contact with me she asked him for money as well ,, the last time we talked she wanted my paypal details ,, that was the last straw for me , so i reported to scamwatch a orgisation in australia goverment this was only 4 WEEKS ago i have filed 6 reports and 2 phone report,, since i have stopped men sending her money as she is scared because of the info i have on her,, i have all western union recipts all documents chat's , addresses phone numbers email addresses the LOT, i dont contact her anymore and on her facebook ann angel page a man came and claimed to have her in london well i put 2n 2 together and the last flight itinery the 1st stop was london, i mention it to him and soon AFTER his facebook profile was deleted well that explained to me he is involved somehow, i have exposed this on my facebook and my myspace with pics and people i believe to be involved , i keep stopping people till my federal police get back to mee ,, thanks for listening, i said my peice from rob j :( this nearly killed me and i lost 8 months of love , my family's trust and my job 3 months ago, i want my money back i want her stopped !!!!!!!! bye


Some people lose thirty thousand, I'm not saying you were lucky RobJ I'm just pointing out a fact. You might spend the next two years getting over it and in that time you can search and warn others but in the end chances are the money is gone.
If you would like to continue 'mystory' everyone here will support you and try and help.

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@DE LAST VIKING Welcome to AFI. You seem to be involved with some scammers from various dating sites, People like "Kerricarbon " seem to be scammers to me.

The chance of finding a genuine special friend over the internet from places like Ghana are almost zero.

I am concerned about your friend Matt, who you say may be going to Ghana to meet a scammer. This is very dangerous indeed, he is leaving himself open to great danger and could very well be robbed and injured or even killed. These people are CRIMINALS and some are ruthless. Please stop him.

Sorry to say but your money has probably gone. It would be hard for the police to do anything, as they would probably be chasing some one with false information. The wester union details may all be fake, This is why the scammers use it, unlike a bank account where they have to provide positive ID, in most cases this is not so with western union.

Usually the money can be picked up with just the test question and answer in many parts of the world. IF ID is requested, many times it is a forged ID that is used and is not checked too carefully.

By all means report this to the federal police or see if the police in your state have a cybercrime section. Queensland has one the "Fraud and corporate crimes group" Phone = 07 33646622 You can check to see if there is one in your state.


I have a statement

I was as well writing this girl,the story is very identical to mine,I been talking to her for 3 months now,I will leave my email for the last viking or anyone else I need to talk to some of you about this issue.


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Well she got me too , for the past 8 months I sent 15,000 and now I'm inthe hole so bad don't know where to turn.
we talkedm for a whiole then her mother pasted away then I sent money to keep her and her sister up food, bills and such. tell me she has on internet service at home can't pay for it then her Dad past on a month before her mother ok he left her land witch he had a agent to sell for her and it was in gold then I help to get thew paper work in her name ,her uncle was trying to get it, after that had to transport the gold , when all was in her name she want to get married , then send me the gold to sell send her money to bury her mother and geyt her sister all the paper work so she could with her here to the USA, I;m still talking to one of her agents in hope he will put some money in my acct. if he does he will or will neve see a cent of it , my way to recope some that i gave her
I live in Raleigh,NC and i would like it if someone could help me to get in touch with the right people in law infircement , don't know if anything will become of mit but got to try, I have many pictures , I have all my western union receipts is there any help for me out there?I too have all my chat records,I sent the money to a friend his name is Osmas Ibrahim i suppoe he's in on it to still talking to her in hopes to get some of my money back, Oh ya i too had a man from London to email me saying he was hooking me up with a financier to get me the money to pay everthing for the gold to be sent to me , well i tild him i was having second thoughts and he hasn't emailed in 6 weeks now
Alll i8n all my story is about the same as yours'
The name she use to get me was RITA WILLIMS


Not All Ghanaians are bad

Listen Public, I don't know why these kind of people are all from Africa But listen, there are Ghanaians, Nigerians, Americans and even Australians who are scammers. Scamming is in all countries. All you need to do is to be careful.. Ghanaians are not bad. It only some people out There who are changing the whole story. Please let have it in Mind. Am a Ghanaian and it pains me a lot sometimes when i hear such stories. It will prevent me from having australian friends which is very Bad. People all over the world Just be careful It not only Ghana but all over the world even your country.. Take care and be caution.. Love You all..

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No one said all Ghanaians are bad just like no one says all Nigerians or West Africans are bad. What we are saying is that some of them are bad and they are internet criminals and those are the ones we are after. They steal money from everyone and they steal the reputation of the people of Africa.


bust the bitch....

I to just came across the same scam..luckily for me i got suspicious while still in the chat phase on yahoo messenger,the first pic looked to good to be true,then the second was the giveaway as i was a fan of ann angel and remeber the workout pic..i guess it was the ex police officer in me that i started studying the pics and noticed the scar on ann's forehead matched the pics being sent to me..and thought as if ann would contact a now truck driver from hope they bust her soon...

fan of ann

ann angel

her site has a warning about her never contacting any one on messenger or so on but yet i sat and chatted with her on skype face to face her and the rest of friends use the saying that some on stold there accounts or there mem sticks with all there info on it lol yea right.


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Romance scams using my pics from Ann angel.

Hi guys. It's me Anna from xxxxx I saw this and I feel strongly that I need to speak out to protect anyone else from falling victim to this. I want to say I'm very sorry that this happened to you guys! We are both victims to this. These people have all but destroyed my good name and I'm so angry and upset about it all. They operate in Ghana which is very difficult to attack through legal measures so its very difficult to stop. Best thing I can do is be out there and let people know that yes this is a scam and this is not me! They are stealing pics and video clips from my site xxxxx (my new site is xxxxxxx).

A simple tip on how you can tell if a video feed is fake? If there is no audio chances are its fake! I perform cam shows on my new site xxxxxx and I only use real time audio never type. If you ask the girl on the other end a question, using audio, she will answer you in real time! If she can't then its fake! All video feeds have ability to use audio. Next time ask the girl to say your name or a phrase back to you. A recorded feed can't answer you in real time!

If you want please come by my site xxxxxxx and click on free cams. When I'm scheduled to go on you will see my profile appear there. Or just check my site and you'll find a new schedule every few weeks. You can come chat and tell me your story. Maybe I can at least provide some comfort and closure. I would love to hear your story.

For anyone else. I never go on dating sites. I never contact anyone on Skype or other messengers. I only have my site and my twitter account @theannangel. Anyone who claims to be me from any other site is a fraud! Be careful and be safe guys. I'm sorry to hear what you went trough.

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Scammer using stolen images and videos to scam with.

@Theannangel. Welcome to AFI. I can understand your frustration with the scammers who will steal anything to scam with.
If we can help to stop them we will do out best.

I have removed the name of your website from your post as it is going from an "adult" one, into areas that are not suitable for a potentially distressed victim to go to.

I have no problems with what you do as long as it is legal, but I cannot allow it to be linked to, on a victim support site like AFI.

Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions about this. Thank you.


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How can you tell people where my pics are coming from if you don't say the name of my site? What clearer way is there to show the truth? These pics are coming from my site. At least leave my twitter account there. I think people deserve to know who I am for real. These aren't children who are victims. These are grown men. A majority in their late ages.

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@Theannangel. The victims who visit our site are from all walks of life and all ages. Your post is in a public section so can be seen by anyone who looks, the title from your site link says it all.
Teen Model Anna Goes Hardcore!
If a potential or actual victim needs to see your site and where the images come from, then they can always pm you or any mod or admin.
In your first post you mentioned your site five times as well as mentioning your twitter place. This could be classed as spamming or at the very least self promotion, both prohibited by our rules.

We are an anti-fraud site and if you ask for help, regardless of your occupation we will try to help you, but we will not promote your website nor any other commercial enterprise. Unless there are extenuating circumstances to do so.