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@ Ann

Since I would assume you at least assert a copyright on your material, a lawyer would be a good idea to see about legal action for copyright violation. Yes, the people doing this are probably internet scammers in Ghana but at least you can start some legal action although it won't go far until you can identify who those people actually are.

Also, the FBI has been tasked with the job of dealing with issues of identity theft in the U.S. and under a broad interpretation of identity theft your situation would fit under that umbrella. I don't know what current FBI guidelines are for that but you might want to contact them and explain the situation. Maybe they will have some good ideas about what to do.

Robert miller

I've got a girl using the name sarah weaver. She is using ann angel pics. Claiming that it is realy her. Ann angel does live in ghana. How can I find out for sure

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@ Robert Miller. Welcome to AFI here are some tips:

The bottom line to determine if the new love of your life is a scammer is: IF THEY ASK FOR MONEY!! Some scammers spend time building up trust then whammo!! suddenly they need money for various things like Airline ticket, Basic travel allowance and passport money among other lies.

Guys lets be real, all of a sudden a really attractive woman falls madly in love with us and we have never even met? or ladies you just met MR Wonderful who tells you all the things you want to hear and says you are the best thing since sliced bread and all you have to do it to keep sending them money.

So Robert is this "female" from Ghana? Probably.
Does she love you ? NO.
Does she want your money? YES.
Is she sending you stolen photographs saying it is her? YES.

Many of the romance scammers operate in gangs and here is the passion killer !! It is very likely that you are NOT communicating with a lovely lady, but a MALE scammer who is pretending to be female.

Again give it time and you WILL be asked for money or gifts etc.