Magid Yusuf



My Dear Friend,

I am glad to contact you, and hope everything is going fine with you and your family.

My email correspondence is to seek your assistance as overseas representative for an investment involving large volume of funds.

Please, I will provide more details about the transaction if you are willing to handle such project and also let you know your entitlement for the solicited role.

I shall be expecting your quick reply.

Best Regards,
Magid Yusuf

Sended by:

Nicolas from Poland

My Dear Friend,

I am glad to contact you again, and hope everything is going well with you and your family.

Your refusal to respond to my last email message, is giving me source of concern and don't know if you are still interested in the subject matter.

I appreciate the fact that you are engaged in your daily business, which requires the most of your time. However, you must equally acknowledge that this is not something to be handled with levity, as the successful resolution of the transaction bears great tides.

I am a man with action and sincerity, the sum of €20,500,000.00 (Twenty Million, Five Hundred Thousand Euros) in bond deposit with Glo Investment Securities Ltd, is available for transfer after doing the needful. My target is to have a very successful investment for better tomorrow.

My dear friend, we can only work base on trust and understanding, if you are satisfied and ready to give the total cooperation in entails.

I have spoken my mind and cannot force you to accept this assignment if you are not sure of the transaction. I will not relent in my efforts to reach out for solution quickly.

My friend, kindly put it in writing to me your final decision, before going ahead to locate someone else that may be willing to work with me. I believe all things being equal, he and I can commence the transaction after going into an Agreement.

Please follow up on this recommendation and let me hear your final decision.

Yours Sincerely,
Magid Yusuf