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Scammer: Dr. Mr. Ibaa.
Business consultant contract.
Fake name: Grace Miammi, of Malaysia
Dr. Sami Al-Jichi Miammi, dead husband
Real Exchange Security Co, Madrid, Spain.

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Anti terrorist Certificate

United Nations, Dept. of Security Services, Asia Zonal Command, Anti-Terriost Board, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Natural award.jpg Best/Wurst Fake Document, 2009
Supreme Court of Selangor
Abdu Sahah Badu, Lim Ram Associates

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Malaysian Bar Council
Barrister Lim Ram of Lim Ram & Associates
Hon. Kareem Mustapha, President Malaysian Bar Council

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Federal Ministry of Justice, Selangor
Sworn Affidavit/ Bone-fide Beneficiary Form

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Certificate of death
For Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, deceased
Father; Srilam Leo. from Anxi, China
Informant: Advocate Yusuf Mustafa

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the question from my side after looking at the documents: How did they think they can work with these fakes they are pretty obvious, did they scam a lot of people? doubt it

Dr. Who :)

Green S. Allen. Global Security Company.
And even better, certificates about the deposit. Even worst looking PS job. I really like that pre-printed Of at the certificate. This company most probably store only for Princes OF some country :)

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Death certificate

Maria Chong
Barrister Attiq Ur Rehman, informant
Barrister Zaharman Abidin,
I. G. Ahmad, registrar

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Federal Constitutional Monarchy of Malaysia. I have no idea if that's the real name of Malaysia.
Mrs. Maria Chong, deposit beneficiary
Mr. Attuq ur Rehman, Mr. Law Chamber
Pacific Finance International Bank Berhad

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Pelleman Jensen

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Melissa AFIDAVIT CERT.jpg Fake affidavit from Malaysia


I got this sent to me from a person calling herself "Melissa William". I got a confirmation from the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, Malaysia that it's a fake!
She claims to be from Denmark (Koge), but is presently in Malaysia to sell off her late fathers properties. She'll send you lot's of pictures, a very pretty girl, but I doubt that it's the person behind the scam who is on those....I've checked the ip-number on mails, and it shows the scam might be controlled from Nigeria. BEWARE!!
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Could you check that
Omar Hazman & CO (Advocates & Solicitors)
NO. 44-1, Jalan Manis 1
Taman Segar, Cheras
56000 Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia.

This man had sent to me a certificate and affidavit, his proposition to me is 40% from $10 millions. Why are they doing this/

Certificate_Omar Hazman.JPG AFFIDAVITE_FORM.JPG