Mama Zitarah

De Master Yoda

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Is yet another scammer pretending to have 'magical' powers.
The only powers this low life has is the ability to lie to steal money.

Like most liars he forgets what lies and names he uses so he calls himself 'Mama Zitara' as well as 'Healer Joeluses', 'Healer Joelfor', 'Mama Ronah' and "Healer Joelthe traditional healer

He says: "Seek the counsel of the gods through traditional divination by Healer Joelfor"
"Healer Joeluses traditional divination & medium communication to assist clients"
AND: "with the help of psychic healing of Mama Ronah."

Please do not fall for his lies and do not send any money as you will lose it. Thank you.