Man handed two-year jail term for part in ‘sophisticated’ internet scam

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Man handed two-year jail term for part in ‘sophisticated’ internet scam

A man who admitted playing a part in a ‘sophisticated’ internet scam which netted thousands of pounds has been thrown behind bars for two years.

Lincoln Crown Court was told on Friday how Santa Silevicius allowed his bank account to be used by fraudsters who set up a website in the name of a bogus company selling camera equipment.

Jonathan Straw, prosecuting, told the court that the website for the fictitious ZJB Cameras attracted interest from customers across Europe and during the ten days it operated it “sold†cameras and photographic equipment which netted £18,000.

The money was paid direct into the bank account of Silevicius but none of the customers received their orders. One man paid out £3,300 for a camera.

Mr Straw said “None of the customers received anything. When they tried to revisit the website they found it had closed down and the company did not exist. The whole thing was a sham.â€

Later when Silevicius was arrested he admitted allowing his account to be used saying he was promised 25 per cent of the proceeds although he actually received much less. He said he had nothing to do with setting up the sham website.

Silevicius, 24, of Sydney Street, Boston, admitted a charge of transferring criminal property between May 2 and 11 2012.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “You knew from the outset that this was a wholly dishonest operation.

“This was a sophisticated set-up. Without you taking the part that you did it would not have worked.â€

Liz Harte, defending, said Silevicius had been warned by his mother not to become involved but ignored her advice.

She said her client fell into temptation at a time when he was out of work.

She told the court: “He was not the prime mover. He was approached by much more sophisticated criminals than himself and yielded to the temptation to make easy money.â€