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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 2020
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Subject: Re: Hello, Please Read.

Hello ,

Compliment of the day. My name is Maria Gearhart. I am a philanthropist and I dedicate my time and resources towards uplifting the downcast in different parts of the world.I am 68 years of age and was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago.All efforts to fight and resist it has proved abortive and as such, I am left with no other option than to give out financial donations to people that are inclined with charitable dispositions, so that they can also reach out to the less privileged in their immediate environment. I have therefore bequeathed part of my fortune (Total sum of £1,963,920.00 Great Britain Pounds) to you in cash for your personal and charitable goals.

I know I have never met you in person but instincts tells me to do this in good faith and I hope you act sincerely. Reply for more details if interested. Best email to reach me :

Please note that this is solely a charity donations to you for your personal and charitable goals.I hope you are able to reach out to the less privileged in your immediate environment.

Best Regards,
Maria Gearhart.