Marina James


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From: Marina James <>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2019

Hello dear,
I hope my email finds you well! Actually, it has not been long, we stopped communicating but I have been praying and asking the Almighty God to keep my dream forward so that i can be able to surprise you because you tried to show me care and though you did not really believed me when I was in need of your assistance over the claim of late Dr. Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi Fund to be transferred into your Bank account.

I was unable to complete the transfer of late Dr. Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi,funds with you based on your unnecessary doubts and fear.But, i am very happy to let you know that i have finally succeeded in the transfer of the fund through the assistance of a new partner to me through the kind efforts and assistance of a consignee,philanthropist,soul mate and partner from SENEGAL. Honestly, i'm lucky enough to have found him in my life because he's a kind heated man, comforting,supportive and sympathetic person for me and he's now my co-investor and a lifetime husband by the grace.

Behold, i wish to let you know that i am now in United States of America, with my husband for holidays. I left in Jakarta,Indonesia ,Presently i'm with my husband in his country for investment projects.Meanwhile i did not forget your past efforts and attempts to assist me in securing late Dr. Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi, fund. I'm much glad to inform you that i left ATM VISA CARD on your names that contains ($150,000 Dollars) for you i am giving you this money because of your past efforts and attempts to assist me, however i will like you to feel free and contact attorney Abubakar. Samba Senegal email: ( ) contact the attorney for the ATM VISA CARD,because i do not want my new husband to know anything like this to avoid him to have double mind on me.

Tell the attorney Abubakar. Samba to send the ATM VISA CARD to you through delivery courier service, issued in your name as a mark of reward for your past efforts and also for the fact that you did not take the advantage of me over the claim of late Dr. Mahmud Sulayman al-Maghribi fund after i revealed everything to you, Note that, It is a nationwide ATM CARD and you can en-cash and clear it in your country without any problem.

However, I have instructed my attorney in Senegal to courier the ATM CARD To send it to you once you contacted him with your information's complete for confirmation to avoid delivering the ATM Visa Card to the wrong person, you have to send them your information's real name / Address / Telephone number on this following information.

Names: Attorney Abubakar. Samba ,
Address: 107-109 Rue Mousse Diop x
Amadou Assane Ndoye Bp 11443 Dakar-Senegal
Tél .: ( 221 705 951 363)
Email: ( )

Thank you once again and try to establish yourself with the money.Understand my explanations that i love my partner and i do not want him to understand anything because i don't want him to understand that i offer you the money he will have double mind on me which will bring another heart of cheating. Please manage the money. Stay Blessed and Good Bye!Ever yours true friend,Mrs Marina.


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From: Marina James <>
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2019

Dearest Friend, Happy new day to you.
This is Marina James, Who contacted you some Years some Months ago over a transfer of my fund to your account as earlier stated in my proposal,

I am sending you this mail to remind you of how iconcluded with the said money transfer. I am thanking you very much for the least assistance you gave me then and at this, I intend to pay you back good for good. I am very successful with the transfer of the funds now which I contacted you for an assistance then which is today completed by my new partner.

I am happy to announce this to your hearing that i and my new husband is residing in ( Canada) as the transfer is completed. On your part, I have Compensated you with the sum of ( $150,000 Five Hundred and fifty thousand US dollars showing concern to me.

Please I want you to accept this as a gift from my heart . I signed a draft cheque of $150,000 US Dollars on your behalf which i left to DHL with file KTU/ 9023118308/04 with the Help of Senegal Law. I am sending this mail to you now because DHL Manger contacted me now to inform me that he have being transferred to GAMBIA (Another country after Senegal in West Africa) But before he went on transfer he deposited your draft cheque to western union money transfer head office in Senegal .

In order to receive your Draft Cheque/money now, ensure that you sendan email to Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department Senegal with the following.
email( )

My dear, i may not have the chance to send you mail again as my husband is watching my movement. All contact should be between you and Western Union Solicitors Fund Verification Department Senegal . Thanks once more and GOD bless you and your entire family.
Regards,Mrs Marina