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Date site info 19 Oct 07
It could be the same scam group using this image, a connection with bank details,saying speaks German and book-keeper in previous scripts

Hello my name is Marina! You have very much liked me, I would like to know you better! I did not think that on this site I meet such fine person! And among all people only you one has liked me! I do not know why, but my female intuition prompts me that you very good person! I cannot write to you on this site therefore write to me on mine e-mail: my e-mail always with me, I can answer you every day. Or leave to me yours e-mail I to you I shall write! I can send you many photos and some video! At you is yahoo messenger??? We could communicate on line. I with impatience shall wait for your letter!

Date site profile " Marino4ka "
- 25 y/o female
- Yoshkar-ola, Russia
- English, German, Russian
- The bookkeeper
- Have no children
- Last logged in: 2007-10-19
- E-Mail or ID: 43638

I the young girl, on a kind not causing, but inside I not such, I very sociable, try to do that that for the blessing everything, not only for myself! Write to me on mine e-mail

I can't keep up with "my new friend" who constantly changes her name , email and now works on another set of scripts .

searching Marino4ka on (gulp)

First letter:

Hi the my dear friend!
I am very pleased, that you have answered my short letter to you. It is really pleasant for me to realize, that I have interested you. And at you the desire to get acquainted with me has appeared closer.
From my first letter to you, you have already understood, that my name - Marina

To me of 25 years. I the beautiful young woman going on this remarkable life without its satellite.
I have lived all life in Russia, I was born in settlement Kokshaysk. It is very beautiful and small settlement. For all life I, was possible to tell, did not leave it. In the childhood I, certainly, have visited large cities of Russia. In such, as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara. You sometime were in Russia?
And where you in general were? What it was pleasant to you most of all and whether in general it was pleasant? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it.
About my settlement you for certain did not hear, but I shall try to you to explain, where it is. It is located on the river Volga of Russia, in 800 Kilometers from Moscow. Having looked on a card, you can learn approximately about his site.
I very much love the settlement, as such, with his beauty, museums, houses. Only because it - my settlement!
Settlement I have left school in it, having studied in it of 11 classes, I have decided to find in myself economic abilities. Then I have acted in the State University. And now I have the diploma in higher education and on a speciality book keeping and audit.
After the termination of university, I with ease intended to find to myself profitable employment. But has understood, that it not so is simple. As our settlement is very small, work in it to find almost that is impossible. My speciality, certainly, is claimed, but only in the most best quality. To take a place of the good bookkeeper to me it is necessary to have the working experience that means work on the previous place not less than five years. But it is simply impossible, because as the young expert just ended university, can have this experience. After all my searches, me have accepted in shop which delivers all settlement various electric details. In shop, under the name "Light" I work five years. I there in common two posts, work as the assistant to the bookkeeper and the manager of a hall. Certainly, I dream about something the greater, but also this work too very much is pleasant to me. My working day lasts seven hours, and I have two days off in a week, including all state holidays and red days of a calendar. Our shop is in the center settlement and it is considered big enough. Owners of shop in the near future want still will extend, and to open one more shop in which it is possible me will already accept on a post of the chief accountant. To that I am very glad.
Tell to me more about your work in what she consists? Whether in what you are engaged is pleasant to you?
In general it is interesting to me to learn more about your life.
Having run it is a little forward, I have not told about what pleasant to engaged to me. When I went to school, I had the big interest to dances. At school I was one of the most active schoolgirls. I always took part in various competitions. At school of me always named the gifted child. In dances, it is possible to tell, has found itself. Besides school, I also visited employment on dances. To tell the truth, it was not so convenient, because the school of dances was in several minutes of walking from my house. I received lessons of dances within three years. I and to this day am fond of dances. Most of all I prefer dances of east countries. Now, when I still has free time, I visit fitness a hall where I can be engaged in the favourite business. I think, that at me very beautiful body and a fine figure. I always try to care of the appearance. In it I am am helped by sports and my employment by dances.
Tell to me about you are fond of what? What do you do during free time from work? Whether you love sports? What kind you prefer sports? Sports in my life take very significant place, in dances I find everything, that it is necessary for me.
And in the winter I very much like to go for a drive both on skates, and on a ski. My grandmother lives near to my settlement. All life she together with the grandfather have worked on the basis of rest "Sail". Now they already on pension and at them there the apartment where they live. Earlier I every winter carried out together with them. There I had a rest and very cheerfully spent time. Now I very seldom am at them. If only at me free day will drop out and I can lead it on a beach. Last time I saw them in the last summer. Very much I hope, that I can shortly see them. I too not frequently see parents. Till 23 years I lived together with them but after I have found work with which help I can rent the apartment. Parents live in own house. In our settlement many so-called private sectors where people both rich and poor live. Rich buy up there the grounds and build there cottages, and poor patch a hole on the houses and hope, that will sometime give the comfortable apartments. Many private have already demolished sector and on their place have constructed inhabited multi-storey houses.
And my parents too hope, that sometime to them too will give an apartment.
Though in this house I have grown and have lived very much the most part of the life. Our house very old and when at me the opportunity to rent the apartment has appeared, I have suggested parents to move together with me. But they were categorically against. They have constructed this house own hands and have enclosed in him all life. Our house is on surburb of settlement and consequently I cannot frequently visit them. But we try even once a week to meet behind a lunch table in our house.
Tell to me more about your family. Where and how your parents live? All this is very interesting to me.
Probably, you interested with that fact, that I have addressed to the Internet to get acquainted with the man. I even would tell to not get acquainted, and to find the partner for the life. It is my first experience of acquaintance. And I very much would like to make friends with you. Certainly, I had attitudes with men, but simply could not find suitable for me. It would be very interesting to me to know, why you have decided to address to the Internet? What do you search? I hope, that you understand, that serious attitudes are necessary for me only. I to be engaged would not begin it simply if searched simply flirtation or usual dialogue. I already enough the adult and serious person. I the purposeful young woman who achieved all in the life itself. And I always achieved everything that wanted. Now in my life there has come such moment when the assistant is necessary for me oppress. The person on whom I can always rely to whom I shall trust, love and care. I want to create family, and for this purpose for me is necessary such the man which can understand and help me in all. Whether as to me you are interesting to know was married? Whether you have children? And in general as you concern to children? I was never married, and children at me are not present. As I have no any harmful habits. As a whole I the vigorous and purposeful person. I very much would want to learn you closer. I hope, soon to see your letter. Would like to see more than your photos. Whenever possible I shall send you own.
It is interesting to me to know, how you look, as your voice, easier speaking sounds, I very much want, that we with you have made friends.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I hope, that you will not leave my questions without attention.
Your new friend, Marina



Same first letter as " book-keeper " on previous page, also mailing on

9 Computers now for this group, it was 4 not long ago
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Staff member
Marina - "with Russia"

I send spam mail from myself to myself. :rolleyes:

From Olga
X-Originating-IP: [], Spain, Cableuropa - ONO, abuse []
Return-Path: My email!
From: "Olga"
Subject: I thought you loved me - and you?

Hello dear, do you remember how we communicated with you?
Long ago you could not see, I am Marina - with Russia, do you remember me?
"Come to my page - let's talk, I'm waiting!

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Actually it's very simple: "she" is a he and he wants to steal your money.


Unusual sentences

I love this site because so many scammers have form letters that let you find an unusually-worded sentence. " Marina" contacted me with the same letter as "Lana" <>. "I think much about our soon meeting" was what led me to this posting. Exact string searches save sooooooooo much time :)


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ad 12 emails from marianna. She was supposed to be flying today to meet me email this morning............

Good morning for you my lovely
How are you?

I hope that you have good morning today and you to wait my letter.

And I hasten to write to you the letter. Because I have not good news to our meeting. Last night I have written to you the letter. Also has received the letter from my father. I did not speak you about it. But my father should help to me to fly to you. My father should send money that I could pay hotel in Moscow last night. And to give money for travel in your country. My father should send 2000 pounds. But has sent only 500 pounds.

My father had very serious problem about him health. And he should to pay for operation for him. And consequently he could not send so much money. Therefore today in the morning I have paid 400 pounds for my hotel. And now I have only 100 pounds from my father. And 220 pounds my money. But all these 320 pounds I should to pay on the ticket. But I have no money for insurance.

Under the law Russia. And under law Euro Union. I should have with me 1500 pounds to fly in your country. But I to have only 320 for my ticket now. My father should help me. But he could not send so a lot of money. And consequently today I cannot fly to you :( I should have 1500 pounds.

I should not spend this money. I only should bear it with me through customs. To prove my solvency. I have the tourist visa. And under the law should be the solvent person. I do not know what to make now. I to require in 1500 pounds from you to fly to you. I very much hope that you can help me???

Problem in that that I have the contract with travel agency. And I should fly to you as soon as possible. Because my visa already has begun. And the travel agency cannot hold the ticket for me. I should find this money as soon as possible. I already tried to ask it at my sister. But she dont have so it is a lot of money. And my mother as cannot help me. It is too much for our family :(

Therefore I to not have other choice. I only wish to ask you. YOU CAN HELP me? You can give me 1500 pounds? I should not spend this money. And as soon as I shall arrive to you. I at once to return to you your money.

Please write to me as soon as possible. I remain in the Internet of cafe. We should solve this problem as soon as possible. If you still to wish our meeting???


And very much I ask you to write to me as soon as possible. I cannot fly to you today. While I shall not find money. I very much hope that you can help me. I wait for your letter. Really it is very heavy to me to ask money you. But I to not have other choice.

Millions kisses for you.

For ever yours Marina.

P.S please write me soon. I will be online.

I swear before the God that I did not wish to ask money from you. I wished to be independent. And I was is assured that I can to arrive independently.

I pleade poverty...............

Her response............

Hello my love How are you?

I understand that you too are sad now, but I am very happy to receive your letter, and the nobility that you want our meeting. Too it is very a pity to me that now I have this a problem but I really did not know that about this problem and I wished to arrive to you independently. I did not wish to ask money from you. I only wanted that we were together. I do not know that to me to do now.

I tried to find this of money, I tried to borrow this of money, but I now one in Moscow and to not have whom who could give me money. My mum too to not have money, I tried to solve it with my family, but to me cannot help. Probably if you not have this money you I can to borrow it at your friends or family. I shall give you this money at once as soon as I to arrive to the airport. Please to think of it.

I really want that we were together and had our meeting, it is important for me. I wait for your letter, and I hope on your help. I hope that all our letters is a true friendship and love.

Kiss you.

For ever yours Marina.


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Lol ! I just did that last night and guess what? No reference to what I had writtent to her but her letter.....

Good morning my love............... My life

How are you?

I hope that you already to wake up and this morning is full of pleasure and happiness for

you because you wait for my letter.

For me yesterday there was very heavy night................ Night in which I Have many ideas.

I really wanted our meeting.

My father has helped me..................... But what you have made for our meeting???

I understand that you badly to think of me. And you are afraid to help me.

But you to do a greater mistake...................... I when did not deceive you.

And it is complex to me to understand.

You spoke that love me???????

But what you now to do for the love??? You only wanted that I arrived to you.


I thought of you and our meeting much................. I dreamed about our meeting much.

Also asked the God why we have this a problem why we heart on can be together.

WHY??????? Why all so is complex??

I understand, that you are possible have no money now, or you are possible simply to not

wish to risk the money because you think that I the woman which to try to deceive you.

But please to read through all my letters.................... To read through all that I wrote

to you.

Unless these letters can deceive you.

I asked the God to be only fair with me, and I always was fair with you.

I always wished to be with you, and all this were not simply words, it was my love.

I received your letters, and understood that you too love.................... And I hope, that

the love still lives in your heart.

I hope that all our correspondence, it not simply game.

And I swear, that for my part it there was a Crystal-clear Love.

Today I thought of that much where I can take money. It is a lot of variants, but is not

present which can solve our problem.

1. I tried to find money at my family, but they have no money now because

These are greater money for them.

And I very much to long from it.

2. I tried to think of taking the credit in bank, but to me have told that it will be required

at least 10 days...................... But it very long.

Long because I cannot remain so long one in Moscow. You understand it????

Now I at all have no money to remain in Moscow.................... That I shall do I do not


Unless it is not a pity to you me??? Therefore the credit in Bank very bad variant.

3. Today in the morning I was in travel agency, and have told that you can buy the

ticket for me. And it I shall mean that I to have money then.

You understand that I try to find money.................... I wish to make so that you

trusted me, I wish to prove to you my love.

I want that you have understood, that my heart belongs only to you.

But there is no result. And I very sad now.

I do not understand, unless 1500 pounds are a pity to you only to give me

chance......................... To give chance of your love.

And probably I shall make you happy, happy for all life.

WHAT is 1500 pounds your life??????????? WHAT?

It only money, but I offer you my love.

All this time when we wrote the letter each other, to us was very good, and you

felt perfectly.

I want that it proceeded, I want that I have arrived to you, and our fairy tale became

a reality.

Probably I ask you about risk....................... But it at all risk.


Only 1500 pounds, and I promise that I shall change your life.

I very much hope, that I shall receive the answer from you very soon, and you will

help us in our meeting.

I kiss you.

For ever yours Marina.





New Member
Hello dear Vito!
My work demands from me many attention and carefulness. And consequently I can forget to answer your question. Please do not become angry about me for it. Simply ask me again and I will necessarily answer.
I have no secrets from you. We have agreed to tell each other only truth. I always constrain the promises.
At you good mood? I have spent yesternight in the house of my parents... I like to remain in the house of parents. I feel the little girl, my parents care of me. For example, yesterday mum has made the big supper.
The whole evening we were behind a table... Talked much and had supper. I did not see for a long time the father, and he asked me about work and about my life.
Yesterday I have told to the father about ours with you dialogue. Surprisingly, but mum spoke nothing to it... My father has asked, what is your name, and I have told that your name "Vito". My father set to me many questions..
It interested, how we have got acquainted? Where you work? Whether there are at you children? I have sincerely answered the father its each question. Vito, I have no secrets from my parents, and I think that you
do not become angry about me that I have told about you to the parents... My parents worry about me, and it my destiny is not indifferent. Also I have told to my parents that is possible shortly, we with you will have a meeting..
I have told that I start to plan travel to your country. Mine mum and the father have got used, to that I often travel, and easy concern my travel. However I the v-first arrive to other country for a meeting with the man.
The father and mum have warned me against possible disappointment. Also the father has told that to it cases when girls from Russia fraudulently entice into other countries are known, and take away their documents,
thereby doing the girl by the sexual slave. I have hastened to calm my father. I have told that you absolutely normal man, and I are assured of your feelings. Also I have told to my parents about trust which exists between us.
Please, do not leave me one at the airport... I trust you. We never met you, but we communicate, and you never deceived me. I want, that we have spent together the life rest.
Soon new Year! You have plans for Christmas? I think that will be fine, if we meet New Year together. What do you think of it? My vacation very close, also it would be good, if we have met coming New Year together!
This morning I have visited shopping centre in our city. I have been very surprised, because around all already says that soon there will come New Year. A wonderful smell of needles, and also a smell of tangerines.
In our city have already established a New Year's Fur-tree on a city main square. It will be fine, if we can be together in New Year and Christmas. This my hugest desire. Also in the beginning of next year,
I will have many days off which can add my holiday. I do not want anything especial, I want to be only near to you and to live your everyday life. I think that our meeting will be a fine gift for us.
Also in Russia there is a proverb: "As you will meet New Year so it and you will spend!". I want to spend with you, I want to spend with you every year the remained life! My words to you serious. Vito,
you have already any plans for Christmas and New Year?
Tell to me please as you consider your future? What do you want in the future and whether you that I was a part of your future want? You would like that your future wife was till the end of your life?
I want to marry only once and to be happy.
You can travel to Russia? I have a passport which allows me to travel all over the world.
In letters it is difficult to speak about feelings. I want to look in your eyes, and to listen to you. The sight, can transfer much more words. You agree with me? Our meeting will help us to learn each other. Yes,
I already seriously think of our meeting.
Please, do not forget to answer my questions. I very much appreciate ours with you dialogue. Vito, I am afraid to check up mail in any day, and not to see your letter. Please, do not leave me without your letters.
I feel that already well I know you. Your letters, give every day me fine mood. You communicate with other girls? Please, sincerely answer me this question. I do not communicate with anybody, except you.
You the unique man in my life, and me are not necessary anybody another.
Now I will send a photo from my last rest in Thailand!
My parents have told Hello for you!
I with impatience wait for your letter tomorrow. I love you!
Sincerely, for ever yours Marina

jeff mad

sweet marina

ive gotten quite afew letteres also alot of pics she hasnt ask for money tho


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Marina Algasova scam

The first message anyone of you would have ever gotten should have initially appeared in your junk or bulk mail folder. Then you would have had to reply or none of the 'form' emails that you are all getting would have starting coming. The Russian scammers usually never answer your questions and will always send pictures that most likely are not of them and of a model or something. They likely won't have home computer usage according to whomever it is, but will probably do this as a full, or part-time job only on weekdays. Do yourself a favor and don't keep writing to them as they are trying to get money from you but they will do it in a slow and meticulous way hoping that by the time they ask for it, you are in too deep.


Central Scrutinizer

Staff member
@ John, you can repost your message here but don't leave your email address here.

De Master Yoda

Re-posted as guest posted real life details. Please do NOT use your email address as your username on public forums.
Many scammers and spammers surf the internet looking to steal them and use against you. DMY

yes she been here also got a lot of photos where do i send them?glad i looked John


Message body
Hello darling ..........,
Today the earth in streets of our city is covered by snow. White all around. It looks very beautifully. I will do photos and to send them to you that you could look at this beauty. I during time have replaced rubber on wheels of
the car, and now I feel in safety.
I wait each your letter, as if a gift for Christmas. Every evening, I come from work and I think of you. Yesterday, I have come home and have made a supper, I have included slow music and had supper in loneliness.
I represented that you are near to me! How you have spent yesterday evening? You thought of me?
Yesterday after fitness I have come home very tired. I have taken a bath.
Yesterday late at night I was called by my mum. Its phone call became unexpected for me, she has told, that I will come on a visit the sister. Mum was surprised also the sister too when has entered into my apartment and has heard
slow music... She has thought that I not one. I have hastened to calm her and have told that I one houses. Vassily, my mum very sensitive person, she can learn changes in my life even if I will not speak to it about it.
We had very long conversation yesterday with the sister and mum. I have told to mum that I have dialogue with you. I have told that we with you have got acquainted with the help of the Internet, and now very good friends.
Mum has approved ours with you dialogue though she has told that I should be careful. My mum the wise woman, and it to aspire to warn me. I have told to mum that you the good man, and probably soon we will have a meeting.
Mum has invited me to a supper today. Yes, tonight, I will arrive to the house of my parents, and I will tell more in detail about ours with you acquaintance to my parents. I consider as the debt to consult on parents,
they close people for me, and they always will help correct council.

Every day, I learn you more and more, etc..etc.. yours Marina
Same paragraph from scripted scam letter
here >
other search results using >


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Ah yes.. lovely Marina.. The girl of my dreams. ;-)

I have been corresponding for 3 weeks so far, and she is so much fun. Yes, she never responds to anything I say, but neither did my ex. In fact, I converted one letter into Russian to make it easier for her to read (2 days after). Nope.. not a comment or remark about it, just an exact duplicate reply to the one in English.

She also is getting ready to get her Visa, but since it takes 12 days, she needs to get an apartment in Moscow. UNFORTUNATELY, she only has 40,000 rubles.. probably not enough for the airfare to fly here. BUT.. Since she is my girlfriend, she thinks I should pay at least 1/2 of her expenses so we can get married here.

She will let me know in the next letter how much it will be.

I cannot post MY replies here that I have sent her, since they are overly sexual and perverted. (can't imagine why she never commented on those, either).

Of course I know it is a scam, but I enjoy playing with them. (Yes. I know.. But I am bored and this gives me something to do)

Hmm.. maybe I should tell her I'm in prison for murdering my previous Internet Love interest.

Happy New Year to Y'all


I have also received many of the same letters. This is definitely a scam. She did not ask for money until today. This is the most recent letter I received. Do not send any money and do not fall prey to scam.

Hello darling Dave,
How are you?
Today I have arrived to Moscow. I was very tired today. I with impatience wait, when I can come to apartment, and have a rest. I rented a room in apartment. One day of rent will cost for me 40 dollars.
Dave, in embassy to me have told the list of documents which are necessary for me for travel to your country. In travel agency to me have told not so exact information. Now I already own the most exact information.
I have written the application today to arrive to your country. In embassy to me have told that it will be better to get for me air tickets now. I can get air tickets cheaper, than before a departure.
Favourite Dave, I wait our meeting. We necessarily will together. Day of our meeting will be in the happiest afternoon for us. The most important thing that is necessary for me now, is your support and a support.
Between us there is a feeling of love. The feeling of love will help us to be together. Already it seems to me that my heart is for a long time near to you. We needed to connect only ours to you hearts. I love you!
I very much would like to be now near to you. I want to feel your embraces and to have a rest.
At the airport I have considered today air tickets. A choice of air tickets very big. I was surprised, when have seen the air tickets which cost makes 6000 dollars USD. Assortment of air tickets very big.
Expensive air tickets are absolutely not necessary to me. For me has no value by what plane, I will arrive to you. The main thing that the plane has carried out all ours with you dreams. We dream now of our meeting.
I have asked the employee of the airport to help me. Together with the employee of the airport we have chosen economy class air tickets. These are the cheapest air tickets, from all.
To me have told in embassy that I need at once 2 air tickets. This important condition, and me is necessary to submit to requirements of employees of embassy. I need in 1156 dollars USD to buy air tickets.
I already have paid today in embassy official registration of papers. Also I have paid apartment. Tomorrow it is necessary for me to do photos. Also I am am waited still by some expenses. Already at me remains a few money.
I cannot independently get air tickets. I hope that you will fulfil the promise and will help our meeting. Ours with you happiness in the future, and ours with you a meeting invaluable. I do not reflect on money which I spend now.
I am ready on all for the sake of our meeting.
After the airport I have visited bank. I just have now returned from bank. I never received money from other country. I consulted to employees of bank. To me have told that in the World there are many systems for remittance.
Dave, to me have explained that in our case it will be more convenient to use Western Union or Money Gram. You are familiar with system of international remittances Western Union or Money Gram?
The employee of bank has told that Western Union differs speed and reliability. All operation of remittance will pass under sensual control of employees Western Union. Now I will tell to you the
information which is necessary for you for remittance.

Name Marina
Surname Algasova
The country Russia, Moscow 127322
Street Jablochkova 21

After you will transfer to me money, you should inform me MTCN. Or to send the bank receipt. Then I can receive your money. You have understood me? I hope that near to your house there is office Western Union,
and you will not have complexities. I want to get air tickets already now. I hope to receive your help in the near future. It is necessary for me 1156 dollars USD.
I have made many affairs today. I have very much got tired... I will go to apartment now.
Visa registration difficult process. Not to each girl can give out the visa to arrival in your country. Already my visa is in process of registration. I am glad to that I managed to begin process of registration of the visa.
I hope that very soon we with you will together.
I write to you from the cafe Internet.
Dave, I love you! Our meeting will take place already soon after you will help me c money for tickets, I will buy tickets and I will send you the information on flight.
I with impatience wait your letter tomorrow. Have fine day! I do not have photos now to send to you. All my photos remained at home
With love, for ever yours Marina
From Marina
Received: from (HELO ( Poland, Pieszyce, Telewizja Kablowa Studio Antoni Luniewski
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2014
From: Marina <>
Reply-To: Marina <>
Subject: Are you ok?

Hello. My name is Marina! To me of 35 years and I from Russia!
I want with you, will get acquainted! You have seemed to me very interesting and good person (I hope, that the first impression for me will not be deceptive:)
I would like you to learn, better and to see history of your life...
And in the future we can possibly support with you dialogue and to be come friends... Who knows?))...
I to you will be very grateful if you repeatedly answer me my message!
For me it will be very pleasant, if such person in*teresting as you can pay a few attention to me...
I the girl very much, joyful both sociable! And all my friends know about it :)
I search for relations, serious and on long!!! To me it will be very pleasant, if you answer mutually!!!!!
I very much hope that you also search for serious relations as I have got tired to be lonely in this world.
In my letter I can send you my photo and also history of my life :)
I will be very happy to receive your letter on mine email!!!
I will expect with huge hope your letter!!!!
Write... I wait... Your new girlfriend Marina...


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Hi! I beg you , give me one minute of attention and I 'll explain . I first get acquainted through the Internet and this is very much worried and did not know what to write to you. Not long ago I live near you. We are neighbors . People who live near each other. I often see you on the street , sometimes I can see how you get out of your home and I really like you . I am a shy person , but I really want to get to know you better. Hesitation over what I should do , I came up with the idea to record your video and show it to you . I ask you to give me one minute of attention and watch the video that was made for you. In this video I talk about myself and my feelings for you . I think that after you uvidisheto video, we meet in the near future! The video was posted on my personal page on the site I beg you to get registered on the site and find me there. My nickname Marina ID: 1740340 Beg you not to laugh at my feelings and see video.A until I send you my photo ! If I do not like you then please do not tell anyone about this , for me it is very important!

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From Marina
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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2014
From: Marina <>
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Subject: maarinaa

G00d afternoon.....!!!!!How is everything there??
I got your e-mail from dating agency..
And they told that you are single now...
I am single woman too so I dream to find love...
I really believe that relationships and love should be the main in a life of everybody.
I will say you a little about me:
My name is Marina or just mary in short.I am 27 years old...
I live in central p@rt of Russian Federation town - Slobodskoi.
At my j0b Im looking for elderly in home for the elderly. I love my work very much and I believe that I am doing a useful this..In my life I never ben maried , dont have kids..
When I am off work in a spare time I fond of doing many various things -playing volleyball, knitting, reading and visiting theatres and libraries, spending time with my friends and relatives..
I love music -mostly classical and pop music.occasionally I love watch interesting movies in a cinema..I love comedy and romantic movies.
Can you say me something about ur personality?Whats your job?What hobbies do you have?What are your likes and dislikes?
If you interested plz respond me and plz write me something about your personality...BYE-BYE...
Best wishes, Marina!!!