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From Help Claim my funds at Swiss Bank. Mrs Maryam Abacha.
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Subject: Re: Swiss bank returned $700M to Nigeria. Pls help me.
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012

Dear Sir/Ma,

Greetings to you from Mrs Maryam Abacha, wife of the de facto head of state of Nigeria, 1993 to 1998. My letter may come to you as a surprise but please take a Little time to hear my cry for help.

My late husband left some money for me ,my son Abba and Mohammed at a Swiss bank before his death. The Swiss bank just refunded $700Million of my sons money to the Nigeria Government this week dated the 5th of December 2012. Please check On this site for details or you can just goggle the information for your comfort.

My own share of the funds is now available for disbursement. I need a trustable partner who can claim these funds and invest judiciously for me and my two children and also make provisions for us to live Nigeria before we are completely ruined. Please give me your terms and conditions for helping me. How much you will take as your fee provided you will work with us as partners in progress. I have so many other transactions to take care but no freedom to do so. Please be straight with me.

I remain,

Yours Faithfully,
Maryam Abacha


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From: abacha family <>
Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2013

Dear Partner,

Re: Your Assistance On my family's capital investment.

wish In Your Country and in your business. My approach to you is based on an explanation made about your country men by a former political associate to my late husband Late Gen. Sani Abacha – The Ex- Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Based on this sincere assurance given to me about your expected honesty in business and life generally, I hereby ask you to assist me in this transaction for our mutual benefits. I will immensely compensate you with good percentage commission.

I am Mariam Abacha (Mrs.), widow of the late Head of State. I need you to represent my family as our contact person in this my bid to invest some fund in your country and also go into importation of finished goods from your country. Do as a matter of urgency to furnish me with useful information as regards your service charges. I would have wish to meet you face-to-face in your country to enter into agreement on the modalities to carry out this and subsequent businesses, but for the present civilian government’s ban on my immediate travels and other restrictions on me and members of my family.

The world bank has mapped out to pay us the sum of USD$49.500,000.00 which has been deposited into Security Volt in Europe based on your immediate response to this mail, the contact of the Security Company in Europe will be giving to you, this is for security reasons.

Meanwhile, I am quite ready to accept your terms of payment (even if you suggest upfront payment). Only be punctual and trust worthy. After this transaction, I will be convinced to further invest in your country base on your advice.

I will be most grateful if you could quickly acknowledge your receipt of this mail and immediate e-mail reply directly to my E-mail: []

I look forward to having a mutual beneficial business relationship with you and your family.

My sincere regards and best wishes of God’s blessings
to you.
Yours Faithfully,
Mrs. Mariam Abacha.
For late Gen Sani Abacha Family.
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Date: 3rd Feb 2015
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My Dear

I feel obliged writing this mail to you. Do accept my apology if this mail does not suit your personal or business ethics considering the fact that there wasn't earlier information regarding my mail. I'm establishing direct communication with you soliciting for your assistance and co-operation .

How are you? Hope every member of your family is fine today.Compliments of the season.

Well after our general meeting of all Abacha?s family, I have decided that you should treat this transaction strictly confidential. Now the secret arrangement is that you should receive first $30 million deposited in a number account with the SKYE BANK PLC before you willconclude the $35,000,000 with the securities company.

You are to communicate and conclude this transaction with my son Sadiq Abacha together with this my family friend Alhaji Mohammed who made every effort during the Ramadan Hajji at Mecca Saudi Arabia to convince Retired Col. Tarka to accept giving us a loan of $400,000 dollars.

Retired Col. Tarka is one of the wanted officers who served my late husband and he is now hiding in Saudi Arabia in order to escape further probe by the Obasanjo/Late Yar?adua/President Goodluck Jonathan Government. In fact, after he heard of my predicament in Nigeria from Alhaji Alihu Mohammed who met him at Mecca during the last Ramadan festival at Saudi, he has promised to loan me $400,000 dollars on condition that I shall give him the original copy of my late husband?s certificate of occupancy of the Enugu Estate.

Sincerely speaking, the only remaining hope now left for me is this $30 million dollars and the $35,000,000 now with the security company which my son Mohammed revealed this secret to Sadiq on 24 March, 2004 the day he was granted bail the second time in the sum of $100,000,000 surety for another 111 frame-up count charges, for financial misappropriation by the Obasanjo/Late Yar?adua/President Goodluck Jonathan Government. But now he is undergoing treatment at Kano Hospital . Although he told Sadiq that this $30 million dollars was deposited in a numbered account with the Skye Bank Plc and for your information, my new lawyer have secretly concluded every necessary arrangement with the Bank Manager for easy transfer to your account as soon as you received this $400,000 dollars.

So please send me your contact address, your company?s name and address, international passport as to enable my lawyer procure all necessary paper work and sworn an affidavit on your behalf which will enable skye Bank change your name as the sole beneficiary of this $30 million. I believe you may have had about the recent seizure of my late husband $300 million at Switzerland .

So,(as you are aware that we were banned not to travel out from my country Nigeria) now my arrangement is that my son Sadiq will smuggle himself out from Nigeria to travel to Saudi Arabia through a neighboring country - Benin Republic with the original copy of the Certificate of Occupancy so as to sign every necessary documents/agreement with Rtd. Col. Tarka and received the $400,000 dollars. Now all you need to do is to ring my son Sadiq Abacha with this phone number 234-8158513559 as to discuss with him and guide him accordingly so that you will agree with him on how best he could fly in to your country from Saudi Arabia and deliver the $400,000 to you cash as to enable you use part of this money to conclude the transaction with my lawyer Barr. Yunus Usman.

Please note to avoid my government seizing this money from Sadiq on his way back to Nigeria from Saudi that is why I decided that Sadiq should deliver this money to you in your country.

Meanwhile, once I hear from you I will forward to you Transaction Agreement for your study and endorsement and also Trade Development Agreement (TDA). I will like you to send to me today if possible through my e-mail address your necessary particulars i.e. contact details, your mobile phone/Fax, your company name/address. So that I will send you my family pictures for your identification and retention.

Please call Sadiq now, he is waiting for your call. I will send you details of the secret arrangement made by my lawyer Barrister Yunus Usman for you to receive $400,000 and the $30 million without delay.Do to internet difficulties you can copy your reply also to

Allahbless you
Dr Mrs Mariam Abacha


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Where's Mariam? :ROFLMAO:

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I think they got tired of this format. :whistle:


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No, Mariam's back.

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From "Abacha Family
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From: "Abacha Family"<>
Subject: proposal
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2016

Request for Co-operation on a Private Business Relationship April 5TH 2016


I am writing this letter on a quick note request for a business / investment deal to be handled by you in your country. I know your time is too valuable so without taking too much of your precious time I will state the purpose of this letter. My apology I am contacting you through email; it is because it serves as the fastest and more convenient way to get to you .I'm in search of a strong business relationship and partner for business / Investment project.

I got your email through a reliable source that assured me of your integrity and reliability in handling this project for me. First, I need to seek your consent before I proceed. This project involves a huge specific amount I cannot mention here for security reasons but will tell you upon the receipt of your reply to this mail. Be rest assured that the proposed investment fund is free from illegal activities.

If you feel you can have this handled or give a thought to this, kindly let me know, in order for me to send you a complete comprehensive details of this transaction.

Mrs. Mariam Abacha

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From "Abacha Family Estate
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From: "Abacha Family Estate"<>
Subject: from dr mrs mariam abacha
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2016


I am writing this letter on a quick note request for a business / investment deal to be handled by you in your country.

I know your time is too valuable so without taking too much of your precious time I will state the purpose of this letter. My apology I am contacting you through email; it is because it serves as the fastest and more convenient way to get to you .I'm in search of a strong business relationship and partner for business Investment project.

I got your email through a reliable source that assured me of your integrity and reliability in handling this project for me. First, I need to seek your consent before I proceed. This project involves a huge specific amount I cannot mention here for security reasons but will tell you upon the receipt of your reply to this mail. Be rest assured that the proposed investment fund is free from illegal activities. If you feel you can have this handled or give a thought to this, kindly let me know, in order for me to send you a complete comprehensive details of this transaction.

Dr Mrs. Mariam Abacha

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Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2018

Dear Friend,

I got your contacts through my personal research, and out of desperation I decided to reach you through this medium. I will give you more information as to this regard as soon as you reply.With heavy tears on my face am contacting you right now, my name is Mrs. Maryam Sani Abacha. I am the wife of the former Military head of State Nigeria \General Sani Abacha, please will you accept to go to as a matter of urgency to pick up the money (US$55.7M) that I deposited with a security company.Since my husband's death, every government that comes to power want to humiliate my family, they have collected almost all my late husband's funds. Now the present government is trying to size the remaining funds, If you can do this for us, 40% of the funds will be yours while you help us to invest the balance funds in your country.Can I count on you?This matter requires urgent attention and must be treated as top secret forever.I am expecting your reply very quickly.I will greatly appreciate if you accept my proposal in good faith. Please expedite! action through this email : (

NOTE: If You Receive This Message In Your Junk Or Spam It's Due To Your Internet Provider.

Maryam Abacha


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Date: Thu, 24 May 2018
From: Elder Godwill Osi <>
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Subject: Beloved

My Beloved,

This is personal and highly confidential although I am really very sorry for the embarrassment of intruding into your privacy especially as we have not had previous correspondences before this mail.I have been searching for a high profile international business man that can help me to secure and manage my funds.

I am Dr.Mrs. Mariam Abacha wife of Late Gen. Sanni Abacha, ex-military Head of State (Federal Republic of Nigeria) who died of heart problem while still on active service .I am contacting you in view of the fact that we will be of great assistance to each other especially in the area of developing a cordial business relationship and also because of my need to deal with persons with whom I have not had any dealings with before due to the privacy and highly confidentiality the business I need your assistance demands.

Since the death of my husband, I have been subjected to all sorts of harassment's, intimidation's and inhumane treatments, with negative reports emanating from the government and the press regarding my husband's past military regime and my eldest son Mohammed who has been held by government and released just some months back is being asked to refund $1.2 billion dollars and he is still being arraigned before the federal high court of Nigeria till date.

I have been thrown into a state of confusion, frustration and hopelessness by the present civilian administration, I have been subjected to physical and psychological torture by the security agents in the country.

As a widow that is so traumatizing for me,I have lost confidence with anybody within the country. You must have heard over the media reports and the Internet on the recovery of various huge sums of money deposited by my husband in different security firms abroad, some companies willingly give up their secrets and disclosed our money confidently lodged there or many outright blackmail.

Moreover, they are relenting to make me poor for life but Insha Allah they will not succeed.I got your contacts through my personal research, and out of desperation decided to reach you through this medium. Most of our trusted Associates betrayed us because of Ministerial Jobs and Appointments. I currently have within my reach the sum $230,000,000.00 (Two hundred and thirty million us dollars cash.) which we intend to use for investment purposes like real estate development, bonded securities as well as some other viable business ventures abroad that I can be introduced to if the arises.

After our Government had seized virtually all our assets, this money came as my last hope, a payback contract deal between my late husband and a Russian Firm relating to our country’s multi-billion dollar Ajaokuta Steel Plant.

The Russian partners returned my husbands benevolence and kindness to them by sending my late husbands share of this stated amount after his death, they carefully lodged it into a security vault in Africa country withheld for security reasons in accordance to my instructions as the next of kin to my late husband.

The good thing about this arrangement is that no record ever existed concerning the money traceable by the government because there is no documentation showing that we received this money from our Russian business partners and also it has no illegal association with nobody here in Nigeria.

Even the security firm where the funds were deposited does not know the contents to be money as I carefully instructed the Director of the Russian firm to make the deposit and declare the consignment to contain just FAMILY VALUABLES FOR THE ABACHA FAMILY MEANT FOR A FOREIGN BUSINESS ASSOCIATE.

Due to the situation in our country concerning government attitude towards my family and our assets, it has become quite impossible for me to make use of the money within and outside our country without raising eyebrows, that is why I need your assistance as a neutral individual and a foreigner to help us arrange for the investment and handling of this said funds.

I will need you to contact me strictly by this private confidential email address so that we can talk about this and plan about the possible claim and transfer of the consignment into your name as my family foreign business partner who will claim the consignment.

As soon a I receive a word from you, I will give you further proof of the deposit details so that we can know how to move further for the claim. You can make further confirmations to this through this reference:

(Front page BBC World news . You can check it through these contact websites:
2) 4)

The last transfer of Twenty one Million United States Dollars (US$21,000,000) I made into a friend's foreign account in Europe, after the successful transfer, my friend denied me because of my restricted movement within and outside Nigeria. This is the main point why I needed your help. We have lost so much trying to make transfers through some of my husband’s associates who at last failed us and disappeared into thin air, this you can confirm further through the magazine clip I attached along with this mail. This fund is considered as the main source of my family's future hope. My consultant who is also my close Confidant would be able to establish an investment plan with your assistance on our family’s behalf until I come out of my travail.

I hereby use this opportunity to implore you to exercise the utmost indulgence and keep this matter extra ordinarily confidential. Remember to include your direct private email and cell phone for easy communication for my Consultant.
Pls Reply to

I wait patiently for your response.

Yours truly,
Hajia (Mrs.) Mariam Abacha

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Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2018
From: marym abacha <>
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Dearest one,

Please permit me to inform you of my desire in going into business relationship with you. I have the believe you are reputable / responsible and trustworthy person I can do business with you. From the little information so far I gathered about you, during my search for a partner and by matter of trust I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere business.

I am Mrs. Maryam Abacha the former head of state Nigeria late, It's my pleasure to contact you for a business venture; I have ( $50.5m) which my late husband General Sanni Abacha, deposited for me in a security vault, before he was killed by unknown persons in the political crises in our country. I have decided to invest this money in your country or anywhere safe enough outside this country for security purposes.

The people that killed my late husband are now in plan to kill me to take away everything that belongs to my late husband. I am in a sincere desire of your humble assistance in this regards. Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded. Now permit me to ask these few questions:

1. Can you honestly help me from your heart?
2. Can I completely trust you?

If you can be of assistance to me I will be pleased to offer to you 30% of the total sum,

I await your soonest response

Kind regards
Mrs, Maryam Abacha
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From: "Mrs. Abacha Mariam" <>
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2019

Dear Sir,
My name is Mrs. Mariam Abacha wife to the late one time president of Nigeria General Sanni Abacha.I write to seek your audience to help take custody of the sum of $25 million which I kept somewhere for safe keeping.

If you are conversant with the international news you will recall about $325million of my family money(the Abachas) was returned to the government of Nigeria by Swiss bank some time back so I would not like this $ 25million and many more of my family money to be found and also be returned too.

If you can take custody of this fund successfully,with that confidence I will open up to you many more of our fund all around the world.

Once you accept my offer I will link you up with my personal assistance as I would not like to be directly involved for security reasons.

I would look forward to urgent response.

Mrs. Abacha

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Still trying to get all that money. ;)


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
From: "mrs.mariam abacha" <>
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2020 12:54:09 +0100
Subject: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

Dear Beneficiary,

Good Morning.


I am in receipt of your message the contents are noted and understood.

How could you be such a wicked and greedy person without helping or assisting me in this business transaction, how do you think everything will be successful without you playing your part by assisting me with part of the required money as requested by the bank manager for onward transfer of the $8.3 million for our mutual benefits.

Please note that you will be refunded all your expenses after the successful transfer of these fund into your designated bank account, so you have nothing to worry about. Just tell me how much you can readily come up with from the total money ($2,630) so that I will know how to assist you with the remaining balance OK.

You will pay for the Document OATH OF AFFIDAVIT this week to enable you meet up the $2,630 for the documents if you are not a greedy person my dear friend CONTACT THE BANK MANAGER MR. MARK COLLINS NOW AND PAY FOR YOUR Document IMMEDIATELY SO MR. MARK COLLINS CAN transferred $8.3 million to you immediately for the bank this week or you tell me now how much you can raised from the total money so that i will know how to assist me.

Alla is going to bless us together because in God we trust and i trust you.

As its stands now, the Doctor has discharged me from the hospital so I am in good health and body, I am hoping we can complete this business transaction this week so that I can pick up my diplomatic passport and start getting my traveling documents to meet with you in your country by the end of this week as soon as we complete this transaction.

All I need from you is your 100% real sincerity and cooperation.

All I need from you is your full confidence and cooperation with me as owner of this money $8.3 million.

I promise to give you 40% of the money for your support and 60% for me as the original owner of the money, while you continue to help me invest the money in your country to buy a Big company or a Big factor for me I who produces a product that we both produce is sold all over the world and we can still be a life partner in the business OK by the $8.3 million now with you as part in agreement I will meet you in your country to share the money with you trusting in our mutual understanding of this deal.

I need your full confidence and cooperation in relation to this business transaction.

Fill free to call me Mrs. Mariam Abacha anytime and any day to discuss with me on my phone number now immediately OK +234 9031362908 or +234 8187100547.


Greetings and God bless you.

Mrs. Mariam Abacha
+234 9031362908
+234 8187100547

Re: URGENT Dear Beneficiary