Martin Ibe

Hua Mulan

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From: Mr Martin Ibe <>
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2018
Subject: GOOD NEWS

My name is Martin Ibeh direct Wire transfer C.B.N, after a serious thought based on my current position, I decided to reach you personally because I do not have anything against you, but the person that involved you in this transaction.

In years back your greedy (claimed) partner approached me and requested that I assist him to fix your name on the Payment Central Computer as beneficiary for transfer deal with arrangement to transfer huge amount by registering you as the legal beneficiary. We agreed that i will get 25% of the total fund, 50% for YOU and 25% for him. After i programmed your name on the payment computer as the legal beneficiary, He started playing with me trying to push me out of the business completely that was why I changed the information without his notice.

Which made it impossible for you to receive the payment no-matter what both of you tried. I am aware that you have been contacted several officials even your last encounter with some bank officials to get approvals but all efforts were to no success. Rather they keep emanding fees ON and ON. NOW IF YOU WANT US TO WORK TOGETHER HERE ARE MY CONDITIONS.

(I)You MUST promise me NOT to allow ANY OTHER PERSON know about this and I will have 40% of the money then 60% for you because it is only two of us. Again you must keep it highly confidential and secret. why i am giving you 60% is because you will do a little expenses

(2) We can conclude the transaction with utmost SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL if you agree to adhere to my directives based on these conditions being acceptable by you, contact me immediately to enable us finalize all the arrangement.

As soon as we agree, i will perfect the arrangements on your behalf also update your fill to have a smooth transfer both now and after the money have gotten into your account. If you do not agreed with my condition, i will advise you, NOT TO EVEN REPLY because there is no way you can conclude the transfer without my notice, I still remain the director Foreign Payments.


Mr Martin Ibe
234 703 825 3319