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Subject: Regular Artist For Design
To: []
Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 1:07 AM

Hello Artist,

Welcome. I am the father of the Bride.This posting is just about designing an invitation letters for about 1000 pieces and also there should be envelopes in it for my Son upcoming wedding ceremony. I will like you to just get me the cost of that and I will like to know different designs you have available for me then send it to my email through attachment.

I will like to know how many days will it takes you to finish the invitation letters and you will be mailing them when you are finished to my house in Ohio. I will give you my home address and you will be using a courier service to deliver the Invitation letters.

This is the party Information.

1. Church Wedding
2. The Bride Name is Stephen Karsa and Groom Name is Laura Smith
3. Date of Wedding November 15th 2008.
4. Venue of the event 1428 LEAGUE ST AKRON, OH* 44305
5. Party time 10 AM till Evening around 6 Pm

We are not putting any picture on the Invitation letter.Any kind of dress code is

welcome. You will also be invited if you wish to come to the Wedding Ceremony

Kindly let us know the cost and other details you may need again. We will be making you

the full payment Via Cashier's check which you can get the fund instantly in your bank.

We hope to see your best design.
Write us back asap.

Martt Karsa.

Subject: Regular Artist For Design
To: xxxxxxxxx@yahoo,com
Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 1:07 AM

De Master Yoda

Martt Karsa.

@ Un111, Welcome to AFI, would it be possible to send us a copy of the headers on this?
There are quite a few 'Martt Karsa.' and 'Dr Martt Karsa.' I would like to see if they are the same person. Have you reported him to 'craiglist'?
Unusual for the male to be the bride and the female the groom:rolleyes:

I have removed the email address shown on your post as it seems to be yours, it is not a good idea to post your email details where anyone can obtain them ie a public forum. Please contact me if it is not your email address, thank you.