Marvin Anderson, in UK needs a nanny

From Marvin Anderson
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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2009

Hello Aupair,

I am Marvin Anderson from the United Kingdom (England) am 38 years of age i have two lovely kids, Austin and Margaret there ages are and 2 and 4, i will want a very nice and experience nanny to be taking good care of them for me.

I am a single father and a very busy person ever since the divorce between i and their mother and they have been staying with my mother since then in which i will like them to be staying with me because i have really missed them and i work very late.

I am doing this cos i want to be able to see my kids when ever am back from the office, i will be paying you 600 pounds per week and you don't have to worry about where to stay cos you will be staying with us in my house, i live alone in a very big house, please let me know if this is ok by you, Please reply me asap.

I Will be waiting for your quick response.

Warmest Regards



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He offered to send us a cheque to rent our holiday apartment, without asking about times, flights, prices etc.