Mary Johnson


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Sale of property in West Africa, Nigeria, scam. Mary claims to be from Canada, moved to US 2 years ago, which is not legally easy (you can only stay 6 months on a visa). But is in Africa to sell her father's land, since he died. Photos of a box of cash, and an official looking Nigerian Land Sale Certificate.

Hello, I'm very sorry that I wasn't able to email you when I came back from the meeting yesterday. I was so very tired. It turns out to be one of the most successful but yet scary and the toughest day of my life. The deal was actually done and sealed successfully. The oil company paid me $4.5Million U.S dollars cash. I asked to be paid in cash to avoid being ripped off or given a counterfeit check and I thought that was a smart idea, but something happened that got me really very scared. You see, Immediately I was paid the money, on my way coming back to the hotel. I noticed a strange movement of some three guys, I tried to ignored my negative thought but these guys kept following me. I was so scared. I quickly change my direction and head straight to the nearest bank to transfer the money to an account, but unfortunately, when I got to the bank, I was told that they can not transfer such huge amount of money from this country to another country. I was so confused and very disappointed. I went to about two other different banks and I was told the same thing that the can only transfer within their country on a certain limit. I was very scared because it's lot of money and I don't want any body to know that I have such huge amount of money with me. I might get killed or they might hurt me so badly and take the money from. So I quickly went to deposit the money in a security shipping company for safe keeping and shipment. The money is in a two traveling boxes which I have locked with some secret codes numbers and it's only me that can open the boxes with the code numbers. I didn't tell the company what the boxes contains. I only told them that they contains my antiques goods. The company is a private shipping company, so the boxes are safe, but I seriously need your help right now and I would also like to know if I can trust you enough with this. You see, What I really want you to do for me is to contact the security company and tell them that you are My fiance and you want the two traveling boxes delivered to you as soon as possible and ask them how much the clearance fee will cost. Actually, I have paid them the deposit fee, security fee and the shipment fee with the amount I took from the money before depositing them. So, it's only remains the clearance fee, which is only payable before shipment. Please bear in mind not to tell the company that the boxes contains money, only say two traveling boxes of your fiance Miss Mary Johnson ok. I would be very happy if you can stand by me and help me get the boxes. I know I shouldn't say this but 30% of the money is going to be yours and that's about $1.35Million U.S. dollars. I have attached the picture of the box and the payment receipt to this letter. I will be waiting for your reply soon so I can forward you the contact details of the company and the boxes deposited details ok.