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Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012
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I'm glad to read back from you... Cool and everything sounds good to me I'm OK with your rent deposit... and here is a little about me,well am an easy going lady with special interest in swimming. I don't drink nor smoke,no pets and no boy friend because am a very busy woman also.I need to secure this room for myself before i arrive to the state as i ll be moving in with my luggage's,You seem to be a very interesting person to be with and I must confess to you that you will enjoy staying with me in the house because i make people smile always.Well my name is Mary Langston, 27 years old ,Am into modeling and some humanitarian jobs but now am putting modeling aside and focused on humanitarian jobs squarely and I think i like the job because it involves traveling which is one of my dad is from USA and died while i was only six and since then i was living with mum in USA until i graduated and then been working there with SABRA humanitarian organization here with the head office based in USA.i have 6 months vacation from here and wanna spend it here in the united states.i also have some seminars coming up afterward and that will hold for the other 6 months after my vacation and that means duration might be 12 months in a whole OK.Well i have been having fun in here and it will be a great pleasure seeing you soon.I think that is all I can say so feel free to let me know about you too.Am going to ask my boss to make a retainer fee payment for the room as soon as possible because am in a conference meeting right now in which it will be had for me to make the payment by myself so i decided to let my boss know about the rent so the payment can be send to you cos he is the one in charge of all my travel allowances and accommodation fees.....Kindly get back to me with your details as follows..

1.Name to be on the check
2.Contact Address(street,apt #,City,State,Zip code)
3.Contact telephone number i can text you (cell or work)

Where the retainer payment can be issue which may be money order/cashier check and send to you immediately in other not to affords and this will give me strong prove that the room will be hold for me and more so if you have pics of yourself and the room you can send them to me and Here is my Cell phone number +447045748839 to contact me and make sure you get back to me with details request from you.N.B. If there is any Rental application to fill i will take care of everything when i arrive before i move in . Thanks



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