Mary Medcoff


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Date: Wed, 11 May 2016
Subject: Re:
From: Mary Medcoff

Thanks for the prompt response to text. I will be buying this from you, kindly withdraw the advert from Letgoand considered it sold.

My husband will be overnight the payment asap but he will be paying with a certified check from his Bank and it will deliver to you via United Parcel Service (UPS), so I`ll need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of the check... And am offering additional $50 with the original price to have this asap.

Name to be on the payment??...........
Address to mail the check to??.............
City, state and Zip code? ?.............?
Final Asking price...................
Cell phone # to text you on ................??

I will make arrangements for the pick up as soon as you have your check clear, due to my work frame and my Kids, I will not be able to come with the cash and pick it up myself , so my husband will mail the check and have someone pick up the item after the check clear., Reference to your Letgo post am completely satisfied with it and the payment will be deliver within 24 hours.. God Bless


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Date: Wed, 18 May 2016
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From: Mary Medcoff <>

Good morning ,

How is everything there and your family? Am very sorry for the late communication due to my son that involved in a fatal accident and i had to stay with him at the hospital.I have been notify that the check has been delivered to your address via US POSTAL SERVICE and I'm indeed grateful for keeping the item for me. Here is the tracking # ( ............... ) from Usps to confirm the estimated delivery time to your location. And i want you to put things in order as soon as you receive it. As you were aware that the payment would be sent in an excess amount to cover the shipping fee of the item and other consignments i have with the movers to be picked up for me and make the delivery.You are to take the Check to your Bank to have it cashed, if for some reason you aren't able to get instant cash value for it from your bank, have it deposit for 24hours till tomorrow/next business working day, when cash would be readily available. Once the payment clear into your account, deduct your money also extra $50 i promised and the rest balance should be send via Money Gram Money Transfer in a minute service to the Mover, so they can make all the necessary arrangement for the pickup, and the wire charges to send the fund should be deducted from the mover fee not from your money. Below is the Mover information you are require to send the fund to below;

Reciver Name : MONKGOSI ACE
ZIP CODE: 60660

I will like you to email the Money Gram transfer details for Confirmation upon completion of payment within 24hr you receive the Check.

1. Reference # / as it is appears on the receipt,
2. Name used to send the money (Sender Name and address )
3. Exact Amount sent after deducting transfer charges
4.Attach a (snapshot or scanned) copy of Transfer receipt
5. Best time that the Mover can meet up with you at your residence for pickup.

But i was a little bit confused if i can trust you, because i have never see you or meet you in person, so please i want you to reply to me and assure me that you will take care of this with care and honest, i really want you to be honest to me because the check that was on the way to you would be deducted from my husband salary, so please don't let me down. I am doing all this just because i don't want to loose this item as i really need it on time and i want my shipper to be deliver this item in my doorstep before my arrival from my trip . I hope you understand this and i can be able to depend on you..

Thank and hope for your urgent response to complete this transaction ASAP

Mary Medcoff?

Just got a text from wanting information (transfer fee) on some cemetery plots I listed for sale on Craigslist. This person has contact me twice coming from two different phone numbers. First telephone number is a google voice number. Obviously a scam but would love to string them along without falling victim to their scheme.