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Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2018

Facebook Headquarters
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Dear Winner

BATCH NUMBER: FB/805649223

Thanks for being a great member and for making Facebook great.As you will know,Facebook incorporated was founded in 2004 and this year makes it 14 years of existence and delivering services to its users all over the world.

As a mark of its 14 year celebration, the management of Facebook is having a loyalty reward promo to say thank you to its numerous users and friends of users.

We are pleased to inform you that you are among the selected subscribers in the Facebook Loyalty Rewards Program for this year. You have won the sum of $1,475,000 (One million, four hundred and seventy five thousand United States Dollars).

In appreciation of all our members for remaining with Facebook, we entered every active Facebook member in an electronic draw and picked only fifty thousand members, out of our current 2 billion subcribers and you are among those lucky members.

Please it is very important that you know that you are not legally bound or obligated to claim your prize if you do not feel like it.

You are advised to keep this to yourself until your prize has been processed and remitted to you. Violation of this condition will result in the cancellation of your prize as Facebook is trying to avoid the resultant commotion, double claims and multiple account ownership that may come up when people know that they stand a chance to win something by being an active member of Facebook.

Please contact and with your Batch number for processing and remittance of your prize money.

Mary spencer
The Facebook Loyalty Reward Services Team.