Matthew Wang, Matthew Wong and Associates


W. Pysell

Well, some of the names have changed, but the game is the same! Dong Zhang has now become Matthew Wong of Matthew Wong and Associates Solicitors based in Hong Kong! They are still using Kaspi Bank, and are requiring a minimum deposit of ($7,500) U.S. currency. Amazing the balls these assholes have to keep scamming the gullible American businessmen, such as ME! I have received the same paperwork as shown above, and lots of pressure from "Matthew Wong" to hurry up and deposit my money into the Kaspi account. Mr. Nasser Khalil Al-Jaidah is still the supposed owner of Barzan Gas & Energy Company Limited. Paperwork all looks very legitimate, but their urgency to obtain the money for "opening an international cash account" with Kaspi Bank in Kazakhstan is a dead give away! I wish it was a real deal, but it is NOT!

Scott Wilson

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