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From: Maxwell Gacilian <>
Subject: Official Gazette released by the President. Thread-Topic: Official Gazette released by the President.
Sent: Friday, September 6, 2019 4:50 AM
Subject: Official Gazette released by the President.

I do acknowledged the receipt of your mail and which content was understood.

This contact I made to you is of good conscience. I feel I am old enough to tell someone something I know I can't do. i decided to reached you on the impending payment of your debt because I know I am in the position to assist you directly at this time on like the other time your so called partner was in charge and never allowed me to have a direct link.

Well, I don't want us delay over the process. The process of the payment is to be conducted by the newly established Debt Appropriation Management, DAM of which I am a member. My job is to supervise the process of the reactivation of the payment of the debt to you, to make sure your payment receives the approval.

My involvement on the process should be kept confidential. It should be known only between two of us. This is because it is against the policy of dam if they discover my interest in your payment. Please, I will have it conducted in a way no one will suspect our link.

Meanwhile, I have attached the form for the reactivation on the payment of debt to affected beneficiaries which you are to fill with the required information including the amount which is being owed to you and return back to me.

Please informed, the dam management through the secretary will write as to invite you on the payment of your debt. That is, the official invitation will be made to you by dam which I will want you to inform me first before your respond so I can tell you what to reply.

Also, attached is my ID and passport copy as to allow you know about whom you are dealing with and if possible I will get you all the copies of the id's of all the makeup members of the management of DAM so you can know all as to prevent miscreants impersonating their position and names.

Finally, the modus operandi of Dam was on the newspaper publication of May 25th 2019 carried by all the newspapers in this country which you can read as it was clearly stated none of the affected beneficiary will pay fees to any of the offices responsible for the process of the debts to beneficiaries.

The newspaper publication of that date also carries names of all the beneficiaries expected to have their debts handled by the dam on the first batch of the debt reparation program. That is, the names the president approved to dam for the payment of the debt of which your name was among the beneficiaries. It was on that reason I contact you so it will not come to be same as when you have that your partner.

Please fill the form and return back to me and if you have any document with you about the fund owed to you, I will like you send the copies to me.

Thank you.