Medical Professionals that ARE NOT so professional


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I have been to so many doctors and this began starting in 2007. When you are in close contact with these people and always at the doctor because you are not well and it's important that I have a doctor that is GOOD & actually care, not just a number. It really doesn't matter if their bedside manner sucks, if they are good at what they do.... I WANT YOU, because all I want is to get better and if your rude and outspoken, who cares; it's the fact that I'd be getting better that will make me stay with that dr.
I'll get to the point... I have been "Dropped" or the doctor will "no longer treat my medical needs" and another 1 was so generic and broad that it didn't even really give a reason & at that point I didn't even call to ask.

I ordered my medical records after being discontinued or dropped, whatever you'd like to call it. The progress reports after each appointment had nothing but positive things to say, up until the last report. That experience was the worst experience of my life. I was VERY sick, the receptionist was so rude to me and talk about confidentiality laws, I guess she forgot about those because everyone in the waiting room heard everything. The thing I actually find funny about this experience is that the doctor himself did even have the balls to tell me I was being dropped. He had the nurse tell me. I was hysterical and totally humiliated because I was sick and I only would be under his care for 1 month - stating that it's enough time to find a new dr.

I'd like to know the law and ethical guidelines for NYS when it comes to the doctor-patient guidelines for discontinuing medical treatment. I know that my specialist WAS NOT professional and after reading my medical records, it was mainly positive and then the last entry was that I was discontinued.

What power do I have in this situation and where can I find literature about medical ethics and both parties responsibilities and under what ciircumstances is it okay to no longer treat a patient.
If anyone knows, I'd love the info. Thank you advance too

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@NYBeachBabe. Welcome to AFI. We deal primarily with fraud.

Unfortunately we are not qualified to comment on medical matters. If you feel that you have an issue that needs to be redressed of a medical nature, then there must be a group that oversees doctors and complaints against them in your area.

A search of your local phone book may reveal information about them.

Failing that, you could contact your local BBB or consumer groups and ask them who would be the best person or group to talk to.

Your local member of parliament may also be able to point you in the right direction, as he or she would have details of any sort of ombudsman and their respective roles in settling disputes relative to medical matters.

I am sorry, but we cannot get involved with medical disputes, as this is out side of our area of expertise. And would not be right, as we are not medical practitioners.

This is a link to your local medical complaints board and some other useful information that you may find helpful.,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=808eee0266b44180&biw=1024&bih=681