Mekky Martin, from Ghana


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Ha! And you thought all scammers were from Nigeria. Meet one from Ghana, Mekky Martin. Of course he could be a Nigerian who migrated to Ghana, but anyway the point is, he is a major scammer in Ghana. And Mekky Martin might not be his real name anyway. Lost money in a scam? He might be the guy who has your money!

Well you may ask what does he do?
To start with how about stealing credit cards? He does that a bit.
How about generating fake credit card numbers? Yes, he does that.
Fake documents? By the truckload.
Romance scams? You bet.

And many, many more which you will see documented all over AFI with his name on them since we're making him a celebrity scammer.


Let's give him a warm welcome!

De Master Yoda

Mekky Martin.

So thats what Mekky Martin the low life scammer looks like!

And He's called "ghconnection" on Adult Friend Finder?
How come a little yahoo boi can get his picture on an adult site?

By the looks of him he would probably be better off on a goat magazine?

Garreg Ddu

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He'd look better on a "wanted" poster in a post office somewhere.

Even better would be with manacles and leg-irons, looking out from behind the bars of a nice, cold, dank, rat-infested prison cell!

But then I would be in trouble from the Animal Rights groups for making rats associate with vermin!


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These are some phone numbers he uses:

(233) 27 54 31 754 - Ghana
233 22413470 - Ghana
233 243816360 - Ghana

441315168510 - U.K.
448712532350 - U.K.
448712644562 - U.K.


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Another picture from Mekky, this one is just called "Mike". Notice the watermark lines run from top to bottom, rather like prison cell bars. ;) We hope Mekky gets to look through some bars at the outside world of freedom. Criminals deserve that.



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Well it turns out I was wrong. He does seem to be from Nigeria, now living and scamming in Ghana. This is supposed to be from his passport.

Enwerem David Ikechuckwu
DOB: Either January 10 or October 1, 1960
Home address: 23/24 Bode Thomus Street, Surulere, Lagos

Mekky ppt.jpg


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Caution...dont be too sure

Easy people! Do not be too sure you have his real picture. Moreover these guys operate from different cyber cafes just to make sure they are not caught. Moreover, they sometimes get internet connections with fake names and this is easy to do in Nigeria, so it may not be easy to pin point their ip adresses! I am Nigerian, that's how I know!

And if this picture is truly that of the new Kid on the block, then I can tell you his facial appearance looks more Nigerian than Ghanian. I 'll bet he is my countryman!