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Hello ,
i just want to thank you for the honest and trustworthy you are having towards this transaction and i want to bring it to your notice that the payment would deliver to you today via FedEx Currier service and here is the tracking number provided(798263651808 ) so i would want you to follow my instruction on what to do about the shipping freight and hand ling's and the pick up arrangement .So once you have the payment with you now just get it cashed or get it deposited and deduct your actual amount plus extra $100 for the trust and honest you are having and get the remaining fund send Via western union International to the shipper information below for them to come for the pick up in your location since their freight and hand ling'sfee is been included with your money cos they have some other items to pick up for me in some locations so here is their information to get the funds send Via western union :

Receiver Name=========Christopher M Bragg Receiver Address======27 Wells St city==================North Stonington state=================CT zip code==============06359

And as soon as you get the money sent, the Western Union would provide you a receipt for confirmation of sending the money and get back to me with the details on the Western Union receipt requested below..

1..Sender's name and address which is you..
2...Total amount you send to the shipper after deducting the Western Union charges..
3..MTCN Number ....the digits control number shown on the Western Union receipt.
4..Map quest to your location when the shipper are coming for the pick up at your place..

Thanks Hope to read from you soon..


I received this today in reply to my ad from Craigslist.


Melvin James-scammer

I received word by word almost the same message by this guy. Even though I told him the item was not available. He insisted that he was sending the check via FedEx. I havent receive any checks, but now he said that he did and that he want his money back or he will contact the CIA. I'm completely ignoring him now. Be careful and don't send him any information. He sounds like a big time scammer!