Micaela Angela Liberato & Aira Marie Bartolome, Filipina housemaid scams/extortion


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3 months ago I contacted two "housemaids" (sisters) and offered employment in a reputable family providing visas, return tickets, hotels between flights and even cash allowance (via Western Union) in between flights as it was supposed to be a long flight with stopovers. Totally on this offer was spent at least 5000 USD. However, on the date of flight, despite that they had been sent more than enough cash to handle flights, under the pretext that some taxes are to be paid, these sisters form the Philippines began to blackmail me threatening not to come if I did not send them extra money via WU. They already knew that so much money was spent and I would not step back. However, when i contacted the airlines and airport authorities in Manila, it was clear that they had not even arrived or checked-in for the flight. Therefore, all tickets including return tickets for 2 different flights, hotel reservations, issued visas for them were just a waste as etickets were not refundable.
Beware of these scammers and contact me if you need tangible proof of their deeds. Their names are according to passports:
and her sister
If the moderator allows I can post their passports and all related proof of the scam.
This is tragic that these people cannot understand good will and benevolence of those who try to help and trust. This could become a real stereotype about the whole nation as a deceptive and corrupted one. I hope it will not happen.


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Hello and welcome to AFI christopher. Sorry to learn that you have been scammed.

Have you got any emails from these people, including the headers, or any contact telephone numbers?

Where did you find these women in the first instance to offer them employment?


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Hello Christopher can you send the passport vopy if them and the receipts that you send money to them do that they will ban in the immigration and in our country. Contact me whenever your free. This is my email xxxxx