Michael Bloomberg

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From: omar.gamez01@cfe.gob.mx
To: omar.gamez@cfe.mx
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Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2020

A Private donation was made to you contact ( michael.bloomberg51@gmail.com ) for more info...


Use BOTH Bing and Google to search email addresses and phone numbers so you will not get ripped off.

Never use Money Gram, Western Union, Ria to send a fee to strangers. Never buy an i-tunes card, Amazon card steam wallet giftcard(s) or any gift cards to send to scammers.Never use bitcoin and send the wallet / address to scammers. If you do, it is gone for ever. If you must send the money (please do not) When you use money gram, Western Union, the United States is the control of the United States, and even if it is in Africa and you need to transfer to New York. Send the money to a US, UK, Canada, or South Africa bank account only. You could get your money back from below

If you send money to this scammer, please
In the US ...
1.first ... file a police report
2. second ... file a complaint at www.ic3.gov and include the police report case number near the bottom of the form.
In the UK ...
1.first ... a police report
2. second ... file a complaint at www.actionfraud.police.uk and include the case number of the police report