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Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018
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Subject: Are You Dead Or Alive Fund Beneficiary

Are You Dead Or Alive Fund Beneficiary

Hello dear fund beneficiary this is to inform you that because of the delay in this transaction, i want to inform you that we received a direct order from IMF on Friday to move your payment file to Federal Reserve Bank. you are to contact Mr. Michael E. Tucker and follow all the instruction he is going to give you,like I promised you that you must receive your payments.

The Bank will execute your outstanding payment through online banking facilities by opening an Online Account in your name where your outstanding funds was deposited.

The Online Account will give you the privilege of enjoying the secured online financial services and you will be able to access your account files online with the Bank and know exactly when your fund is deposited to your Online Account, you will also be able to unilaterally do transactions, pay bills and personally transfer money from your online account to any existing Bank account of your choice online all by yourself and at the comfort of your home or office. Mind you that the IMF is monitoring this transaction to avoid any mistake; you are given four days mandate or this transaction will be cancelled forever. Contact Mr. Michael E. Tucker Email send him your contact information and your phone

Mr. Michael E. Tucker

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One from Nigeria.
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Mr. Michael E. Tucker