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From Mr Michael Gary
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From: Mr Michael Gary <Gary4@hadrrrryy.website.tk>
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2016 1
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Urgent Founds!!

We wish to inform you that your over due Inheritance funds which we agreed to pay you in cash is already sealed and package with a security proof box. The funds worth of $7.5 millions US Dollar,in the package will be conveyed to you by an Int'l diplomatic agent, Mr. Jeff Bernard. He will be leaving for your country any time from now, therefore reach us with the details below.

Using a Diplomatic agent this time is because of the failure that were recorded in the other transfer options. Just try and give the diplomat your information and offer him all assistance he may need, especially directive assistance so that he will be able to get your consignment box to you in the couple of days.

Please contact him with your full information, such as your.
1) Full name: ......
2) Resident address:......
3) Phone number:.....
4) The name of your nearest airport:....
Send him the information above for him to locate your home with your package.

Below is some of his contact information:

Name: Jeff Bernard
Email: (dipjeffbernard@hotmail.com).
Feel free and call your fund's original bank at +229-982-92-026, any time you wish for more explanation.

Best Regard
Mr Michael Gary


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Benin again.
From Mr. Michael Gary
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Subject: Your Urgent Respond,
From: "Mr Michael Gary" < Gary1@hadrrrryy.website.tk >
Date: Mon, April 4, 2016
To: "DHS" < Gary1@hadrrrryy.website.tk >
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