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Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2021

Attention; Beneficiary:

Sequel to the meeting held today with the United States International Monetary Fund, through the Federal Ministry of Finance, certain decisions and favorable agreements were reached to give you an opportunity to claim your overdue $2.8million fund transfer. Thanks to the successful intervention of the USA International Monetary Fund, office, you're now having this great opportunity to secure your fund transfer. You know that the problem with your fund transfer is the high cost placed on your file processing by the past administration because of their self-interest. Your first payment has been transferred to you for a long time now.

Below are the transfer details you may quickly pickup this part installment payment now via MoneyGram Outlets Agents near you, tomorrow morning another payment US$4,000.00 in three parts of transaction will be endorses and allocated to you then transfer to you as well for easier pickup at any MoneyGram Outlets Agents nearby. The payment is available to pick up?


Tracking # (REFERENCE):36360857
Transaction Status: Successful
From Account: 3354961409 (Current)
Pickup Amount: $4,000.00 USD
Sender's Name: Johnny Williams
Tax Invoice No: 5113-091-150430-125539
GST @1.00000 USD
Transaction Amount: US$4,000.00
Total Amount Payable: US$4,000.00

It has been agreed to allow you to pay only the sum of $75 for the processing renewal of your outdated file before you can start picking up your installment payments of $4.000 per transfer. Secondly, it was agreed and mandated in this Money Gram Department you're required to pay the $75 only to renew and process your file and you shall not be subject to the payment of further fees or unnecessary delays of transfer once you have successfully renewed your file. I am using this opportunity to plead with you to make our job easier by going ahead and send the needed fee because it was only delay we.re haven right now, I am assuring you that your worries are over now if you can go ahead to send the needed fee, so that we would process your file.

In order to ensure that you are not delayed as soon as we finalize your file renewal process today, we should release your first payment in your favor. Let it be known to you that you must pick up the below money gram transfer following the renewal and processing of your file today. Upon the successful renewal of your file today, you shall receive a confirmation and the complete money gram transfer information so that you can go to any money gram office of your choice and pick up your first payment immediately.

Go ahead now to your nearest MoneyGram or Western Union Location and send the payment of $75 to the below information. Get back to us with the sender's details once you have sent the processing fee.

Receiver name....... Scott Lee
Address : Las Vegas Nevada

Also, when sending the payment information, send it together with your phone number for easy communication , to enable us to keep you posted once we release your payment. Our customer care service will call you as soon as possible to enable you to pick up your daily $4,000.00. The United State Federal Ministry of Finance has really rescued you through their intervention into your delayed fund transfer and you are advised to use this very opportunity to secure a valid file because this is the only way you can have full authority over your fund and enable a successful transfer to you. Failure to comply and renew your file, you will not be able to receive a single transfer and this would also serve as a message to the U.S Government that you have abandoned your fund,

Take Note: Without this fee paid you won't be able to cash the money from any Money Gram because it has not been Activated meanwhile track and see that it is ready for Pick-up.

I’m waiting for your Update with the payment.

Sincerely Regards,
MR. Michael W. Emad
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